Thursday, December 20, 2007

Birthday Chronicles :: Stripped

As rabbit looked through the entire bag of toys a few things stand out in my mind. One of them being that Sir ended up putting the nipple clamps aside. The other was a few of the things that Sir demonstrated on me at rabbit's request. Like a little bit of rope bondage with my hands tied behind my back. Sir put the mask on me again although this time, i was completely comfortable with it on (for the most i still got that shiver of anticipation but in a good way. i hope that the mask is something that Master and i will work with again. Another toy shown to rabbit was a new one for me as well. It was this leather arm binder that covered my hands and went up to almost my under arms. It laced up and had a ring on it so that my arms could be tied (in a fashion) to the ceiling in His dungeon. i liked it...a lot. lol Images of wearing the mask while also wearing the leather binder danced through my head and i thought my eyes were going to roll back into my head. Another thing that stands out in my head is rabbit saying that she was curious about one of the paddles Sir has. It is small-ish, black leather and has a heart shaped cut out on it. That way if Sir were to slap my ass with it, i would have a white heart against a red area. Fortunately, that did not get tried on me. i say that because it is something that Sir and i have tried before and neither one of us liked it very much. The feel of His hands do so much more than a paddle does...His hand is more intimate, arousing and in a way, more Dominating than a paddle. So i was a little relieved that is didn't get used. After all was said and done regarding the toy bag, Sir told me to stand up. i knew almost immediately that it was time for me to strip in front of rabbit for the first time. Sir directed me to where He wanted me to stand and told me to face them both. my heart was racing a little bit but i wasn't as nervous as i thought i would be. Instead i just felt anticipation and a desire to immerse myself in my submission to Sir. Something i wanted very much for rabbit to see. Taking off my clothes was a little nerve-wracking but since rabbit is a close friend i was okay with it. Seconds after i was naked, Sir spoke to rabbit about positions and what each one is used for. So He instructed me to do position 1, 2 and 3. Since rabbit is sooo very shy, Sir did not have me do the finish of pos.3 and instead moved onto 4, 5 and 6. Doing each one, even though rabbit was there, i felt myself just melt into each position concentrating on being graceful and pleasing Sir. After i had gone through each pos., it was then rabbit's turn to strip. i swear i could hear her heartbeat echo through out the room. lol But even though she was incredible nervous, she did oh so well. Sir was very proud of her and so was i. He and i both knew how hard it was going to be for her but for her first time she really pushed forward. Master had me get up and help her with each pos. Getting into each pos. correctly, how her back was arched, where her hands should go, everything. i enjoyed helping her....somewhere in everything, i had the thought that i was helping her please Sir, which made me very happy and focused. When it came to kneeling positions (4,5 and 6) i sat back down next to Master and just watched. Again she did very well with memorizing the pos. so quickly and i got to really look at her body while she went through the rest of the positions. Might i say here, she has a very cute ass? lol she does....Sir called it "very spank-able" ::grin:: her doing position 6 was interesting in it's self. Knowing how much that position means to me and the comfort it brings, i could not help but smile as she found a comfort level within the position. When rabbit was back to pos.5 Sir decided then to put nipple clamps on me....i remember when He put them on, i felt ready to stand up or sit down as quick as possible. lol i can't help it, nipple clamps act like a sure-fire leash of some sorts while arousing me at the same time. After mine were on, Master then turned to rabbit, stroked her nipples a couple of times and then put nipple clamps on her as well. rabbit barely flinched and it was the first tell tale sign that she would prove to have a very high pain threshold. Going through the toy bag, stripping, watching rabbit strip and then the nipple clamps left me in a state of mind full of curiosity mingled with arousal and anticipation. It was when Sir leaned in and began to kiss rabbit that i knew a very interesting night had begun in earnest.


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