Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Gifts

Sorry everyone for taking so long with this, but here is the rest of my birthday adventure.

i asked if i may finish my wine and drank the rest before Master finished saying "you don't have to hurry up and drink it cutie." i grinned sheepishly and showed Him my glass. i am sure it was then that Master knew i was nervous. i followed Him into the bedroom and there before me, was my collar (did i mention i had it off for 22 days as a result of an infection?? yucky stuff) shining like it was all brand new!! i had asked for my collar to be polished for my birthday but when i saw it, i was so overcome with the joy of knowing it would finally be put back on and how beautiful it looked that i squealed and launched myself into Master's arms. He smiled at me and laughed, knowing how happy i was. i looked on the bed and saw the ankle and wrist cuffs. "Oh, my cuffs Sir" Again He smiled and spoke "position 4" i quickly kneeled down and lifted my hair so that He could put the collar back on. After that He proceeded to put the wrist cuffs on and spoke again to tell me to get into position 7. i laid on my back so that He may put on the ankle cuffs and when He was done, i was already drifting into happy subbieland. i stood and He told me to follow Him, which i did without question. As we approached the garage, i paused, wondering what He was doing. "Come here" "Oh, did You want me to help You get something Sir?" "No, just come here" His grin should have tipped me off (i was sooo clueless) Into the dungeon we walked. The past few months it has been serving as a storage room of sorts but when i walked in, a candle was lit and cast a soft glow over the room. Various toys, implements and floggers decorated the floor. "Ummm,. Sir?" A question, while i was still surprised. "I did this while you were out and in the shower cutie" A breathy sigh escaped me and the amount of appreciation and tenderness for my Master filled me. Out of all the words i said to Him, thank You Sir, was the most important and still could not convey all that i was feeling. To take the time and energy to empty it out, get it set up and to really think out what He wanted to do with spoke volumes to this slave. (i am such a lucky slave!!!) He didn't have to but since it was my birthday, He wanted to do something special. i stood there, unsure of what to do, unsure of what would happen next. He had me stand under a wood plank, put my arms above my head and my legs spread. He then started to tie me that way and a wave of excitement and curiosity filled me. "Umm, Sir, may i ask what is going to happen?" "What did you ask for, for your birthday?" "Ummm, for a scene?" "That wasn't it, think some more" Filled with an erotic sense of dread i answered along the lines of "A caning?" "Uh-no-that's not it" "Ummmm.........." "you asked for a beating slave girl" i gulped, remembering my request from just a week ago. "Yes Sir, i did" "And I am going to give you one." A smile appeared on Master's face. Ohhh boy, i knew i was in for it now. Silly slave.....i actually thought that He was going to be gentle on me.........