Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All tied up in a bow- Part 2

Okay, so when i left off, it was k getting naked. lol After she took off all of her clothing, she was the first to get to try the whole nipples attached to the pull-up bar idea. It was actually pretty cool to watch. As she got comfortable,i asked permission to sit down on part of the bench that her body wasn't covering. Master and M seemed to like the sight and i was having fun lightly caressing her inner thighs. M was standing to one side, helping Master hold the bar while pieces of leather were tied to the clamps and bar. Now, one of the really cool things about the bowflex is that it is easy to add and subtract weight. At first, it was set on 10 (i think) and k was told to hold it. If she straightened her arms, the clover clamps would tighten and clamp down harder on her nipples. At first k did this with ease and then M and Master decided to add more weights. While They were doing this, i decided that payback never hurt anyone and i really started to rub k's inner thighs,lightly running my fingernails over her flesh and she would giggle a little.then k's arms started to shake a little.....her arms were getting tired and at the point in time, M started to time her to see how long she could hold on.Master and M also started to really pay attention to the bar.....if her hands slipped from fatigue, M and Master were there to make sure that bar would stay in place so she wouldn't get hurt. i think one of the coolest parts was to see how hard k was concentrating on keeping the bar close to her......when she had made it an additional 5 minutes, the nipple clamps were taken off and she was allowed to relax and sit up. Actually watching a scene, that up close and personal wasn't as intense as i thought it would have been. The entire time Master and M paid lots of attention to what was going on with k not to mention the conversation and the occasional bit of laughter. Even k herself let loose a couple of laughs from funny comments!So it had a fun and playful tone to it, which was really nice. After k got off the bowflex, Master decided i should try it to. i really like this idea(predicament bondage is so wonderful) and although i was a little nervous, i stayed still so Master could put the nipple clamps on. k has made the comment that it hurts the second time going on but i find even though it hurts more...i really enjoy it. i laid back and positioned myself to hold the pull-up bar. i wasn't really that nervous actually.....until the started adding weight to it! lol Then i got a little nervous but it wasn't that bad. i found i could hold onto it rather easily so in short order, Master and M added more weights. i was still doing really well when Master got out the harley. Omg!!!! i had not one clue on how to react to that.....there wasn't anything i could do really. *grin* i mean, k was holding the harley, i had this predicament bondage scene going on (thank You Sir!), Master was there the entire time. The vibe felt sooo good and the pressure on my nipples was amazing. i honestly forgot the weight on my arms fora little bit and i couldn't help but respond. i lost all track of time during this scene....majorly. lol i somehow ended up with my neck bent backwards having slid off the bench while still holding the bar! It was a little tough at first.....Master hadn't let other people use me sexually before. i did relax though....which was pretty nice. i honestly can't remember anything Master, M or k said for my brain wasn't fully functioning. i did love the way how i could let my arms stretch farther to increase the amount of pain on my nipples though. i will admit experimenting with that. lol At some point in time i do remember Master telling M (who was keeping time for me as well) that after15 minutes He wanted to stop. M laughed and said that i had passed that already!i think Master was surprised and i giggled....i hadn't realized how long i had been holding, oh i think, 60lbs of weight. (i am much stronger than i look)i didn't have an orgasm, which was a little upsetting (always is in a way)but i just kind of mentally shrugged my shoulders.. So the nipple clamps came off and somehow it was decided that using the cuffs on my ankles....attaching them to some bar above my head, sounded like fun. lol i agreed and i was very excited to try it out. Master got me all set up and then He brought out the strap!!! i wasn't expecting that at all and was a little "omg" in my head. Sure enough, Master started to strike on the back of my thighs. At first i stung!!lol i kept moving (well tried) my legs. Since they were attached above me, i couldn't move and was wonderful. It honestly took a few minutes (maybe more) when i started to feel the onset of sup-space but wasn't able to really fully fall into it. It was interesting to be so exposed as well as it put me in this very nice submissive mindset (somehow more than i was already) and even though it was a challenge it was very arousing at the same time. After Master was done with me (i love saying that!) He unattached everything and i sat up. Next time i will go slower. lol my eyes actually crossed! i just had this huuugee head rush and got very dizzy for a minute. When i tried to stand up, i got dizzy again. Once i got my composure (and balance*grin*) i was able to walk around and such. i was a little quiet though and i started to sink into myself. Something didn't feel right but i tried to shrug it off. M and k had to get going, so k got dressed and well all commented that it had been very fun to see each other and play a little. It was very nice to see M and k.....and i wasn't the only naked person!! lol After hugs had been exchanged and goodbye's said, Master sat me down and we had a talk.i was still a little quiet and unsure of what i was feeling but after talking to Him, i felt better and a little silly. Master assured me that it was okay and that that is the reason why i need to be honest with how i am feeling. Overall,the night was very very fun and if something like that should happen again, i am sure that i will be able to relax even more.. (it is always the hardest the first time....well maybe not but that is another entry)