Thursday, July 17, 2008

All tied up in a bow!

Hey everyone in bloggerland, long time no write!! lol i know, i didn't write but i promise i have a good reason. my comp broke down not once but twice during the time i was supposed to have for myself. So jumping right in to everything that has happened these past few months....whew.....that is a lot. lol Lots of discussions, quite a few times and as nothing is a perfect, a few moments of drama have occurred. Before i even get into the rest of this, i had a visit with Master a few weeks ago and ended up doing a scene with Master, M and k that i definitely was not expecting. i knew something was up, i just didn't know what. Well, Master invited M and k over for dinner. Of course we had fun!! i love being around those two as there is always something up for discussion. After dinner (and i once again was given permission to use the dishwasher for the dishes- thank You Sir!) i was picking up the little bit left of the dishes when Master, M and k all went into Master spare bedroom so He could show them the new bowflex gym He bought. i didn't think anything of it, i just kept putting up the dishes and get the kitchen looking lovely. When i was done, i think it was M who came in and i ended up following him out of the kitchen. When i looked into the room, Master was there, making a joke with M. (Or something......i think They were laughing over what Master had in mind. k was there and i joined in on the discussion. Turns out Master's idea for the night was to attach my nipples to the bar with nipple clamps. With weights on it no less!! Being honest, my first reaction was- uh-huh no way in nipples will get ripped off!! lol That really is what i was thinking at first. Then, after the shock wore off, i was insanely curious. i love nipple torture and i knew Master wouldn't let my nipples rip off. One, that would be really really bad and two- that would have been one less thing He would be able to play with. (just had to add that) So Master went and got the clamps, came back in and told me to strip. i have been naked in front of M and k so many times, Master could have told me to go get a drink of water. *grin* Yes, it still makes me giggle a little but i am okay with it. Well.....Master decided to get out the clover clamps....i love those things as much as i dread Him putting them on. lol Before anything else occurred though, Master decided to tie me up!!! i saw the rope and all that went through my head was "yes yes yes, thank You thank You!!" *grin* Oh, how i missed the feel of rope on my body, the arousal that hits me so hard, the submissive mindset it brings me to, know that when i am tied Master can do whatever comes to His mind and i can't change a thing about it. Another reason why i adore being tied is because when i am tied, i can't move. There are things, like the cane or strap or even His stinger (surprise) that i don't always (sometimes i do lol) want to move away from and the rope keeps my body from having that natural reaction. So, rope and bondage is good, very very good. He had me stand and put me in a bondage tie that had my arms and hands behind my back. Naked, He had me straddle the bowflex gym with my chest facing the bar that you're supposed to pull down. From there, Master took a rope (maybe the same one?) and tied my arms to the total gym so that i was still sitting but restricted how far i could lean forward. i let my weight fall forward and felt the tug and pull from the rope. i took solace in it and, for a few peaceful moments, simply let myself drift. However, Master once again gained my full, undivided attention (again lol) when He grabbed a nipple to put on the clamps. i always hold my breath at first feel of the clamp upon my nipple but i think they went on rather easy. (Big sigh of relief-lol) Initially, Master wanted to tie each nipple clamp on one side but as we tried that (with me giggling all the way) it was too much. i really was afraid that the weight was way too much and i think Master and M had the same idea. So, i think it was M who came up with the idea to attach both of my only one side. lol i honestly can't remember how Master did the time, i was paying quite a bit of attention to myself. my body first and foremost. As with anything that is new, it is always a great, wonderful idea to give feedback if something doesn't feel right. The other reason is because i wanted to giggle so, so bad. Whenever i get super nervous or unsure, i giggle. Master knows this and thankfully doesn't mind. But i was incredibly nervous. i didn't know what this was going to feel like and even though Master and M had a hold of the bar so it wouldn't jerk, the litany of "omg omg omg" was running through my head. But....not so bad. In fact, the burning from my nipple being pulled along with rope and me letting my body naturally fall forward, i was heading into a great meditative state. All of giggling, the joking and talking started to blur away, heading into the back of my mind, a place where i wasn't really all there. Almost like subspace and i think i could have stayed there....except that my fingers began going numb. Darn!! lol i actually contemplated not saying anything but.....i knew it wasn't the best idea and as Master's slave, it is my job to Him when something feels weird. So it was with a small feeling of regret, i told Master 2 of my fingers had gone numb. When M and k heard this, they both agreed that numb parts from being tied isn't a good thing. Master said it was good that i had told Him and untied my arms. Being honest, i didn't realize how numb they were until Master told me i could move. Goodness!!! lol i flexed my arms, stood up after being given permission to do so, when Master and M came up with an idea to tie the nipple clamps to the bar in a pull up position, so that way the submissive would have to keep her arms close to her or they would pull on her nipples. (They're so evil.....but k and i loved it!) i made the comment (kind of pouty like) that it wasn't fair i was always the only one naked. Master and M laughed, k said she wasn't fully comfortable with getting naked. A big scene a few days earlier caused bruises that were still there-in k's words, she looked like she had been in a car wreck but i'll always think she is beautiful-Master and M agreed with me. M just looked at her and told her to strip-simple as that. Then i wasn't the only sub/slave naked in the room and whoa boy, did the night get a whole lot more interesting....