Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday

i had a birthday recently and my whole day was fabulous!!!! Master decided on a haircut for me and goodness it is a lot shorter than i am used to! But it looks wonderful and i was so happy that Master was pleased with it. Going to get my haircut is always fun and yet, in some ways, complicated. Normally He and i (well....Him more than i haha) decide and then we go, where i explain what "i" want. This time, because the cut was so drastic, Master and i were unsure of going that short. So we went in, where i asked my hairdresser what she thought, and when she said she thought it would look great on me, i turned to Master and said "So.....what do You think??? i need an opinion before i do this!" In slave language this meant "Master, is this what You really want 'cause i need to know since i am nervous and You said You wanted it but i need confirmation before she chops it all off!! Pleeeaaaaseee tell me what You want!" LOL Truly, that is what was going through my brain. So.....Master said, "may as well as go the whole way" Which in Master speak equals "we spoke about this earlier and you said you liked it this is what I want so calm down and you'll be fine slave girl." See how i am learning this whole Master/slave speak??? *grin* Soo haircut was given and the look on Master's face was more than worth it! He loved it and i have to say- i look closer to my own age now! (about time hahaha) The best part is that when i wear a headband, i have this 60's-70's look which both Master and i are fond of. Even now, He'll look at me (like today), smile and say "Wow, what a great haircut! It looks good....I wonder who chose it?" *giggle* i always smile when He says that, since we both darn well know He did. The other part of my birthday was just as wonderful where Master decided to cook me dinner. Since i have known Him, He has become such a good chef and embellished recipes all the time. But this time, He wanted to do something special (and complicated) so i got to be His "sou chef". It is always fun working with Him in the is a time that brings us both close. At the end of the day, it is a time when we flirt, joke, relax and just have a great time being with each other. Well, on my birthday He made (and it was ever so yummy!) Porter-house steaks with a red wine reduction, a red wine risotto and a spinach and mushroom salad with a warn bacon vinaigrette. Add red wine and the wonderful company of Him, i had the best. dinner. ever! (spoiled slave!!) As it was my birthday, Master also let me use the dishwasher. What i didn't know or was expecting was what to come still that night. i asked if i may have permission to take a shower. Master gave me permission and in the same breath, told me to do my hair as well. It was something in His voice or His look, i don't know. But i knew something was up. i tried very hard to still the sudden rapid beating of my heart-to still the urge to my immediate nervousness. i did what i was told and as i hopped out of the shower with the cold air hitting my skin a feeling of anticipation filled me, even though nothing had been said otherwise. When i was finished, hair dry and styled, i came out to see Him on His computer. Somehow that calmed me......until He told me to go into the bedroom.


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