Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lead the way - Part II

The black leather collar. i felt it snug and warm against my skin. Master had placed it over my slave collar, as part of the training i was to receive. He told k that he wanted her to watch, to critique and make suggestions about my posture and how i walked. Before i the leash was attached though, Master decided to also put on the black leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Oh had been a little while since i was allowed to wear them and i was so anxious to have them on. Master got the wrist cuffs on and then had me lay pack on the couch in position 7. It was easier for Him to reach my ankles that way and as He had the first one halfway on, the puppy needed to go out. So there i was, laying on the couch in pos.7, naked, cu*t showing to the whole world and M and k standing beside the couch. i was momentarily nervous about that but soon just laughed and asked them how they were doing. lol i know my tone was a bit rueful, yet also amused. It was just that i found Master having to leave a couple of times during this process a little funny...that and the comments He was making about it. lol But i lied there patiently until Master was able to return and finish putting on the cuffs. Once that was accomplished, He started on leash training. At first this was easy...all i needed to do was walk behind Him. Then the suggestions from k and being told by Master on how to correct my walk hit. Then it got harder. "lift your feet higher when you walk" "sway your hips a bit more" "pay attention" "keep the leash taut" "put your hands behind your not like that, one on top of the other" "keep your head high" "back straight" Whew...i didn't realize how hard it really would be. lol But in the end, Master was confident that i was walking the way i should, although He did look back every now and then just to make sure. During this time well...i really enjoyed it. i found being on a leash a bit erotic...something about being led around by Master and quite frankly....the image of Master's back to me, holding the leash, knowing i was attached to it was pretty hot. Also, having to pay strict attention to every part of my body and to the leash at the same time brought my submission to Master to a higher level. i have never, in my life, concentrated so hard on a piece of fabric (the leash) so hard in my life!! Looking at it was the way i could tell if Master was slowing down or if i was going too fast. The minute i would see it start to lose tension, i immediately slowed down. Stopping wasn't that easy either. The whole entire time was Then Master handed the leash to k so He could watch me walk back and forth across the room. i didn't really mind being led by k. Indeed, i liked knowing that Master would fix anything He didn't like and k leading me around was fun in it's own way. (too bad she stayed clothed....::grin:: lol) After Master had critiqued my walk and i came back to His feet, He decided that i should crawl for M and k. M made the comment that my hips swayed a little much (or something like that) and k said i crawled like a feline...however, Master said that He loved the way i crawled which i must admit made me happy. Knowing that He was pleased gave me additional confidence with my crawling. After i had once again returned to Master, He went off into His room. What He was going to get i had no clue but i soon found out when He returned. Master had told me many times that He was interested in crawl training. i think i took it for granted that since He liked the way i crawled, i would never go through it. Guess again! lol Not only was i going to go through it, M and k were there to watch! Master's crawl training consisted of 4 nipple clamps. 1 attached to each of my nipples and then 1 attached to each lip of my cu*t. To make things more interesting, they all were attached to my wrist and ankles cuffs. Each one that if i moved my hand forward too much, i would pull on my nipples. If my legs trailed too far back, the same result. Only on my cu*t lips. Getting the clamps and the leather string attached was really......interesting. lol i had to get into a crawl position and hold it....each arm extended and my legs. Goodness....i felt pretty exposed really and that coil of anticipation and nervousness became tightly wound. i started wondering what this was going to be like, if i would have trouble doing it at first. i felt a little bit of plaything and despite my initial embarrassment, my arousal level was building. Or maybe because of the situation i was in....or it could have been the long as i did not move they felt okay. After all was said and done, i sat kneeling at Master's feet when He gave the command..... "crawl." Light and easy was His tone and i started to crawl as i always do. The first sharp bit of unexpected pain had me cringing longer sure of what i was doing. my confidence was removed as i became the humble student. "Crawl!" Master said, His tone clipped and harsher than before. i knew in His hand He held a cane...crop...i honestly cannot remember. What i do remember is that i did not want Him to use it on me....He shouldn't have to in this situation....i am to obey Him. That train of thought brought me into realization of my submission and i took a deep breath and slowly started forward.


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