Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lead the way

M and k came over for dinner. This was something that we all were looking forward to and i was chopping vegetables when they knocked on the door. Master answered the door and i heard the hellos and then the sound of everyone walking into the kitchen. i turned, say k and M and went over to give them both a hug. Of course i turned back to my chopping duties while everyone started talking. Always interesting conversation filled with numerous topics. One of the really cool things is that Master opened a bottle of wine. And not just any bottle but the bottle He bought a year ago when He flew to see me for the first time. He has never opened it, just waited for a special occasion. So that was very sweet and the wine tasted lovely as well, so that was an added bonus. lol As all of us talked, Master and i prepared dinner. Steak, scallops, shrimp, homemade mashed potatoes, very very yummy. That and apple pie and ice cream for dessert. While we were eating, i asked Master if i could please use the dishwasher for all the plates and such. i even stated to M and k that i know Master could always make me do them by hand but that i always hope that i don't have to whenever we have a big dinner. However i am sure that one Back to the subject. Master had told me before the dinner started that He had plans but He would not inform me of what they were. Being honest, i knew that something was going to happen but i had somehow put it in the back of my mind. M was standing at the other end of Master's breakfast bar, k was petting the new puppy and i was standing next to Master when He dropped the bomb. Master simply looked at me and told me to strip. i paused for about half a second and then took of my clothes. One by one and carefully folded them up. M made a comment that made me giggle and i started to laugh when Master pointed out that k hadn't noticed that i was taking off my clothes. Well, needless to say, k popped up rather quickly which sent us all into laughter. So there i was, naked except for heels. i feel really comfortable though....being naked around M and k is something that feels normal in a way. i remember walking into the area where Master has His computer and such while He was speaking with M and k. It was then i found out that Master's plan for me that evening was to start on leash training. It was something He and i had discussed before and i was excited to try it. i honestly thought that i couldn't be that hard to do and that my biggest challenge would be staying far enough away from Master so that the leash stayed taut. Little did i know how i would be challenged before the night was through.


Anonymous said...

Hi . . . saw your profile on Collarme and enjoyed reading about your leash training. I'd like to contact your master and hear from him more on how he does his leash training with you. I'm wanting to train my wife as a pet.
Can he please email me at: