Wednesday, February 6, 2008


i have been given a gift by Master. i am off restriction for a week, although right now, 5 more days. Yay! lol It is a treat indeed that i have been a good girl and have been given permission to masturbate. Actually, i have to masturbate every day. i am such a lucky slave! Since i still follow my protocol by stripping every time i use the bathroom, i am to use no less than 2 of my bathroom breaks to masturbate for 2 to 3 minutes. i am to get myself as aroused as possible but i am never to cum during that time. Needless to say, by nightfall i am pretty aroused and antsy. Then, at the end of my night, instead of doing positions, i am allowed to masturbate. Master was kind enough to allow me to cum if i felt the need to. Something for which i am very grateful for! All of this sounded wonderful and then i ran across the last part of Master's instructions. During my masturbation, either during my bathroom breaks or at night, i am to repeat this mantra. i am Sir's wet cu*t, please use this wet cu*t. Which was a little difficult at first. Most of us are taught that saying the word cu*t, let alone using it to describe ones self or others, it extremely wrong. It is almost like an unspoken agreement between women, for the most part. So using that term for myself made me feel a little funny. Don't get me wrong, i have begged Master plenty of time to please use His slut's cu*t. But i have never referred to myself as one. Doing so made me feel like blushing yet, admittedly, i also became aroused. Repeating that mantra over and over had me falling into the mindset that of Sir's slut....and i had some rather arousing images come into my mind as well. Even though i have been doing this new ritual for two days, my mind still seems to seize up the first few seconds and i have to push back what i have been taught. But getting past it i am and hopefully by the end of my time off restriction i will be more comfortable with the phrase.


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