Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall

It has been decided that i should start learning how to Dom other female subs/slaves. Eeekkk! lol It is very, very different. Many of the things Master did when we first met makes a bit more sense and looking at my training from His perspective is unique to say the least. i can now see what His view when He says that i have come very far and that He is proud of me. At first, i was pretty excited until i stopped and thought about the particulars of what responsible Dom/me does. It is different.....knowing what responsibilities are included in being a Domme and actually applying them are two very different things. That and i do not have a sadistic bone in my body....except for possibly nipples. i could do i could see myself applying nipple clamps....but only because i love them so much myself. ::grin:: i see myself as more of a Domme that has another sub/slave do more of domestic services. Learning how to Dominant someone is almost like having a duel set of mindsets. The first and foremost is that of Master's slave, the second being the growing aspect of my own Dominant nature. i asked myself when this was first brought up how i was to find balance between the two. Finally i came to this conclusion. There is no balance and probably never will be. As much as i may enjoy the idea of learning how to Dominant another sub/slave in the verbal, emotional and mental aspects, i really see myself more of an "overseer". To make sure that another sub/slave is pleasing Master to the best of her ability. To be there to guide and mentor her, to be there if she has any questions of sorts. i see myself Dominating another women because either it pleases Master, or it is something that He has given me permission to do. In some ways this is However, i am sure that within time everything will sort itself out. i am still rather excited about this type of exploration and it opens new doors for Master and i. i have sooo much to learn but i am willing and eager to do so. Chances are, i will write about this again as i continue to learn...just as Master did with my submission, i am sure that i will learn about this in baby steps. Which is a way i have found to be best.....thanks to Master i have learned how to be more patient. (Still learning but getting much better) All of this is how i feel right now but as with every thing, i am sure my opinions and thoughts will change as i experience and learn about this aspect of myself. So continue to look for updates as this part of my journey with Master unfolds.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Hun...i'm going through something similar...being taught to Domme boys.

~RiverofTrouble on