Friday, February 22, 2008

When Vanilla Comes First

i'm baaaack! lol Actually i have been back for a few days but have been unable to write for school obligations must come first. This visit to Master proved to be interesting in many regards. Sometimes the vanilla world must come first and so it was with this visit to Sir. There were so many things happening that i think Master and i both ran out of energy, mentally and physically. You see, Master got a new puppy. The puppy is adorable, cute and very very energetic to say the least. lol That and the puppy is still being house trained. So between the frequent bathroom visits outside (including waking up in the middle of the night) and lots of play time and fussing over him, i think the puppy wore us both out! So to add to that, i was in the middle of learning something at school which was extremely difficult. Master helped me out so much and i was thanking Him all weekend. Without Him, i doubt i would have even been able to start on my homework, let alone finish it. But He and i ended up spending little over 9 hours in 3 days working on my assignment. And that was just working on my assignment, not the questions i ended up asking at His home about it. That and the other homework i had to complete. Master said that my homework came first and i must agree that it did this visit. But even in the midst off all things that were happening, Master and i were still able to find some time to sit back and relax. From my perspective, i was just happy that i was able to be in Master's presence all weekend, even if i was sitting at my laptop typing away for school. M and k did come over one night for dinner, which i will write about soon. Master decided to start me on some new training and i ended up being pushed in a way i had not expected, which had some rather interesting results of me crying in His kitchen. That and i have in mind to write about something else that happened or rather what i was thinking when i was doing it. Full of mysteries aren't i?