Thursday, January 10, 2008

Work before play

Hello to all in "bloggerland"! lol i promise i haven't gone anywhere but i have been very busy as of late as i have started back with school and entered college. Yay!! It is a lot harder than i thought it would be and being honest, not as much fun as writing for my blog. ::grin:: But i must focus on my studies. In fact, Master even made a rule about blogging, just so He would know i was staying focused. i am not allowed to blog or anything like that until my homework is done. Pure and simple. It isn't easy but i know that Master has my best interests at heart and when i get frustrated at not writing, i remind myself of a few key facts. 1) i get to write for the blog because Master allows me to. i know that if He ever wants to, Master has the password and can always delete the blog if He so chooses. 2) Master does have my best interests at heart and that He is right when He says that school needs to come first and last but in no means least, 3) Sir is my Master and His rules go, no allowance for disobedience. i am His slave and i will obey Him, even if i get frustrated at times. But do not worry, i have permission to write when i can (after homework!!) and i hope to post something in the next day or two. i can't wait to post what happened next.....


Sir said...

chai, I just want to say how proud I am of you for starting your college studies. you already have a full plate and I know finding the time for studies will not always be easy. I know how much you enjoy writing your blog and I am very pleased that you have taken the new rule to heart and are diligent in putting your studies first. Keep up the great work. Sir