Sunday, January 27, 2008


After taking M and k's coats, we all gravitated to Master's kitchen. There we sat and spoke while making a pizza and drinking some wine. i was still within that wonderful deep submissive mindset and was quite content to sit back and listen to everyone else speak around me. After a while i started to come out of that mindset, became more talkative and was sipping the wine Master was allowing me to have. Some wonderful conversations....lots of stuff to laugh about. BDSM, the lifestyle, k doing some projects and modeling and of course the everyday vanilla life we all live. With M and k, there is always interesting conversation to be had. There are things to catch up on and talking about possible plans for the future. At one point in time, the topic of some pictures i brought with me on this trip got brought up. They are pics of when i was younger and a lot less inhibited, to say the very least. Master had me go get them and at first i was blushing at the idea but soon it did not bother me. i know that M and k have probably seen more graphic things during their time involved with BDSM. They did like the pics though. lol Which brought up the next thing that happened. After we had all eaten dinner and such, Master explained that He wanted some BDSM themed pics of He and i taken. i was actually very was the first time that Master and i have ever been in a photo together. As silly and as small as a picture is, i was really looking forward to it. M said the He didn't mind being the photographer and k had fun dressing me up. lol The first thing i was wearing was the wrist and ankle cuffs with heels. Completely naked but as always, i felt dressed with the cuffs on. i was so....anxious/excited that Master decided to let me wear them. Going into position to put them on started to put me back into that mindset. Not the cuffs so much as it was doing the positions. But absolutely lovely anyways. As i was getting the cuffs on, M took some candid shots of k...soo cute! lol Then Master and M got down to business. Changing the lighting, k helping with poses, straightening my hair, making suggestions. It was so much fun to do! Doing the poses with Master made me feel very submissive and again put me into a wonderful head space. There is one where i am on my knees and my hands are behind my head. Also know as pos.4. Well one of Master's hand is in my hair, gripping it tightly and the other was gripping my wrist. Not painfully so but very firm. i must admit i was getting aroused being there at His feet with His hands holding me there. ::shiver:: Oh yes, lots and lots of fun. lol To fast forward a bit, after the BDSM pics were done, k and i went back into Master's room where she got to "dress me up". lol So i was put in black stockings, heels and a garter with rhinestones. Nothing else. Such a sexy outfit...i had little images of being used in that actually. i walked out into the living room where the only expression i was looking for was Master's. The look of approval on His face made my night. He was very pleased with how i looked and i was so happy about that. So back to posing i went and at one point in time, M was talking about something and i said something in the form of a joke. Well....Master and M decided that i was being a little bratty so M got to spank me. i did apologize but Master has a pic that He says is priceless. The look on my face is anything but contrite. ::Blush:: i suppose even i have my days, although i try for it not to happen often. Overall M was cool with everything and all of us even got a laugh out of it. On the way back to Master's bedroom to do another change, k snapped the garter belt. It stung and i had the evil little thought of revenge. So i called from the bedroom to Master and M if i may please have permission to get k back. lol Well, Master said He did not mind and M said "What's the magic word?". k was mouthing it to me and i just didn't get it. lol Then M (a mind reader like Master, i swear) said "It is the word k is mouthing to you right now!" The word was "now" and once i said it, M gave me permission and smack!! i got k on the ass with my hand. (i had fun with that actually- lol) After the fun and frolic i got changed. The next set of pics i was wearing red. Now that is something i do not really often wear but k and i thought it could be nice and even Master said to go ahead and wear it. i even put on red lipstick- which Master didn't like really, so needless to say, i took it off. (i did get a pic from it though) Again, back to changing. i did a lot of that really. The next was a purple number which Master liked very much. His favorite color is purple so i wasn't too surprised really. But He has possession of a number of photos from the purple. Lots of "jessica rabbit" poses is what He calls them. you know, i forgot to put in here that eventually, k ended up with her top and bra off! That was very nice, as always. ::grin:: i have always said that i enjoy k being naked very much and that opinion has not changed in the least. After everything had been put away, we all stood around talking for a little bit longer before M and k said that they had to go. There was a New Year's Eve party they were planning on attending and they didn't want to be late. So shortly we all said good bye and wished each other a happy new years. The entire photo shoot was extremely fun but i must admit, just hanging out with M and k was wonderful by itself. Out off all the pics and there was quite a few, Master chose His favorites to keep and i was even allowed to pick a couple i really liked.So Master even sent me a couple of the pics of He and i....i have my favorite of course. In it, the only words i can think of when it comes to His expression is tender and gentle, with a slight smile on His face. (so i have a mushy side after all lol) And yet, if you were to look closer, the Dominance Master has is apparent. From His expression to His body language, it is there. He is looking down at me, hand in my hair, fisted tightly. i remember holding onto His jacket and looking into His eyes. The fact that M and k were there blurred and, in my mind, He and i were just as we are. Master and slave. But again, it is a very nice pic and i was very happy that Master sent it to me. A very great time had by all and hopefully we will run into each other again soon.


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