Saturday, April 5, 2008

In the public's eye

Jumping right into this visit, let me first inform you all that i am indeed at Master's house for a week loing visit!! And loving it...some firsts have already happened. i got pushed really hard, tried something new and different, went to a public dungeon and the visit has not even ended! Normally i write in order of things that have happened but it is by Master's request that i write about this right now. M, k, Master and i went to a public dungeon. i had never been but was pretty excited and happy to go, if for nothing else then to try something different. Well, we got there and of coursre i am nervous as all get out. Lots of people were there and many details but i will get to those later. What i am writing about right now was a scene that Master decided to do. He did not bring any toys with Him as He was content to sit back, watch and answer any questions i might have. That was pretty cool but what Master did next suprised me. First, Master took off my top and put me in this standing cage. Though it was big enough for me to stand in but when Master told me to get into pos. 1, my elbows stuck out of the bars. At first, i was like...oh geez.....just standing there topless in front of people i did not know. After about one minute though, i ceased to be nervous or anything like that. In fact i became really comfortable and was just watching other people out of the corner of me eye and listening to the sounds of people being flogged, spanked and goodness knows what else. Master came up and spoke to me, asked me how i was doing and such and when He learned that i was more then comfortable in the cage half naked, He promptly told me to take off my skirt. Now, i was wearig this leather corest type of top and a super super short white pleated skirt (think very naughty school girl). With that, add black patent leather 6-inch heels to the mix. So when He told me to take off my skirt, not only was that a little difficlut to do, it also made me very shy. But i did get it off and back into position. After the skirt was off Master had me stand there for a few more minutes in pos.1 and then told me to turn into pos.2. Well, at this time, i am thinking that this is no problem and i stood there and focused on listening. After a while Master told me to face front again...which happened a few times and then i started thinking that i was going through a kinky version of doe-se-doe. lol my arms were getting a little tired and such but i was okay with everything. Then.....Master had me face the back again and kept me there. After about 3 minutes i started wondering if He left....i didn't hear Him and my arms were getting tired....but i saw His shadow and thought i heard Him talking to someone. i dismissed it though and i think now maybe i shouldn't have. lol Turns out k had an idea that Master approved of so when He told me to face the front (yet again-lol) i saw about 30 people staring at me!!!!! OMG!!! Some where kneeling and according to M, panic crossed my face which i quickly covered. i focus on the mirror in the back of the room....i didn't want to see the other people....i just looked through them. i focused on my posture, my face...keeping a slight smile without giggling. i became insanly aware of every body part....every arch as i strived to hold posotion. By this time my arms where burning and aching.....but somehow i mangaed to keep them upright and still. After what was probably only a minute or two, Master came, looked at me (i can't remember what He said) and i laughed. Which made some of the crowd smile as well. He then let me out of the cage, i breathed a huge sigh of relief and people started to clap. i rememeber i got very shy at was very kind of them but i could feel myself blushing. k asked m if i knew how to curtsy and i tried my best in 6-inch heels and soon after eveyone dispersed. i think what makes me the most shocked out of everything is the fact that k said people knew who she was talking about when she mentioned "the girl in the cage".....i honestly didn't think anyone really was paying attention to i was suprised that strangers remembered who i was. i was suprised that Master had me strip....but knowing He was near did make me feel so much better about eveything. As long as He is watching over me, i feel safe. i think i was lucky that Master had me do positions in the cage...they always calm and center me and i love showing or teaching subs/slaves about them, so i was thankful it was that. Goodness...i'm glad the cage wasn't any bigger, because the image of Master having me do pos.3 in front of a crowd just popped into me head and all i can say is....eekkk!!! lol Overall the scene in the cage was fun and interesting...not sure if it is something i would want to do over and over again, but i know that i would feel comfortable doing at least a couple of them. In the end, i was a little aroused but then again, that is never a bad thing either. i will write again soon about this visit and let you know what else happened!