Thursday, April 24, 2008


This visit, i was pushed. Hard. Master had me get against the wall and He pulled out the flogger and started at my shoulders. At first, this felt like a wonderful, relaxing deep tissue massage. i breathed through each one, enjoying the warmth the flogger left on my back. Even thinking about it now brings a smile to face. Within a few seconds though, Master started to use the flogger with increasing strength. The relaxing feeling was soon replaced with the ticking of arousal, as the flogger started to sting and leave a light burning sensation in it's wake. It was then that i started to focus on relaxing, somehow knowing that Master was going to go a bit harder. Sure enough, as the strokes kept falling and getting harder, my breathing started to falter and the owww sensation was creeping upon me. Just as i was starting to whimper, Master switched tactics, went to His closet and brought out the cane. "Ooohhhh" was all i could think. Master had me switch my position so my ass was better presented and i fought the instinct of tensing up. i felt the cool surface touch the back of my thighs and i took a deep breath. Master smacked the back of my thighs numerous times very lightly and eekkk! That drove me up the wall! lol It is hard to not expect a stroke when that is is almost like being teased. Part of me wanted to giggle out of nervousness and come to think of it, i may have. Then....whack! There went the first stroke and i jumped. Each stoke drove me a little farther....i would jump, tense and sometimes try to stall to try and get a "breather" in between each one. But Master wasn't having any of that this time. "Get back in to position" or "present your ass" were the words i heard this time, a bit more often than usual. By the time Master was done (or so i thought), my breath was starting to waver and my mind was becoming a little slow. i was becoming an aroused, mushy slave and admittedly, loving every minute of it. He threw the cane on the bed and instructed to get onto my knees to serve Him. In a way, i breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that i was given the honor of serving Him and that the worst was over. As i was sucking Master's co*k, His hands came to my nipples and pulled. That felt so very good and my arousal climbed even higher. Master had me draw away from His co*k, told me to stand back up and re-position myself on His bedroom wall. i think it was then that i realized that i was going to be pushed pretty hard, although i didn't know what the result would be. Even though a part of me was a bit nervous and apprehensive about how hard this might get, the desire to serve Master and the desire to be pushed over-ruled anything else i was feeling. Uncertainty about how i would react, mixed with trust and excitement were the emotions i had as i stood back up, put my hands on the wall and presented myself for whatever else Master had in store for me.