Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sir's trip

Sir left few days ago on a trip out of the country. From what pictures and web sites i have seen it is really beautiful in some parts and i was excited albeit a little sad to see Him go. At first it was thought that my Master would not be able to call me for the entire 12 rates soar so very long conversations were out. At first i was a little mixed about my Master leaving.....sure enough i was happy that He was going to do something new but also i knew i was going to miss speaking with Him very much. i was also worried about how His trip would go and if He would make it every where He wanted to go safely. (Although i have gotten much better with traveling, sometimes i still get a little nervous myself) Truth be told, i was more worried about how everything would go for Him than not being able to speak with Him. The really good news is that A) His trip has gone wonderful so far, He has seen some really astounding sites, He did something really really cool the other day and He has eaten foods He has never tried before. Also He has met some really interesting people and has had a good time so far. B) So far my Master has seen fit to call me everyday, although i know that there may be days He will not be able to. i love hearing from Him, to hear how His day has gone and what His thoughts are of where He is. The stories He tells me are sometimes really funny or what He describes is wonderful. Also, i feel better being able to connect with Him for even a brief period of time. That is something that i am very grateful for and i feel lucky that He is willing to spend the time (and the money) speaking with me, even for just 15 minutes. i am not sure if humbled would be the correct word, i just know that i feel privileged when He does call. Overall, so far so good. lol i very much hope that the rest of His trip goes well and that He sees some really wonderful things.