Tuesday, November 6, 2007

slave kabobs cont.

After k and i had walked into the living room to Sir and M, i asked if anyone wanted dessert. Well Sir was the only one who wanted dessert at the time so i went back into the kitchen while k went to sit at M's feet. When i returned, k was in pos. 5 with her legs spread....yes again i looked. lol Well Sir had me get into the same position as well and while i was there, k slipped into a position quite closely resembling pos 6. (Now please bear with me, this is where the order of things may get messed up lol) Needless to say k had a pretty good view of my cu*t and she was looking as well...yay me!! lol Well somehow she and i got to joking about if she had a long enough tongue i would have to beg Sir's permission to let her do it, or something to that effect. That lead into a joke about how Sir and M were both looking at k and i. That is where M got the new nickname "King Leer". It was rather funny really. At one point in time Sir had me stand up and get into pos.1 saying that it had been a while since He had me do positions. Just being in pos.1 felt very good to do and i wondered if my Master was going to have me go through all nine. But that is not what He had in mind for the moment. While i was in pos.1 M started to lightly (i think) slap k's cu*t!! To be honest all i could do was stare but in a good way. i have never seen someone do something like that in front of me before i must admit that i found it kind of erotic and yet at the same time, i took an observers pov. Really just curious about k's reaction to what M was doing. While this was happening, Sir released me from pos.1 and had me sit back down at His feet. So i got to watch M play with k for a little bit doing various things and then Sir had me crawl over His lap for a spanking. He made the comment that He had not given me spanking yet that explain, it is almost like a ritual really. When i enter Sir's house i (almost all the time) am instructed to strip and place myself over His lap for a spanking. However with what time i arrived and what needed to be done, there simply was not time to do so. So my Master decided that then would be a good time to do so. Instead of feeling nervous, i only felt excitement and happiness. As you all know i love being spanked by my Master and Him doing so in front of M and k did not bother me in the least. After fu*king k with the strap-on i am not sure if there is much that would make me too nervous. A little nervous, definitely, but nothing that would cause me to pause in my actions. So i placed myself over His lap the way that He desired me to and just relaxed onto Him. i heard k moan or groan from time to time....i would hear light slaps and all i could do was wonder what was happening and i got pretty curious. lol While i had an audio experience Sir was spanking me and i became pretty aroused and wet. At the same time, i was also getting a bit frustrated.....Sir was spanking me pretty hard but for some reason i felt like i was in between sub space and normal. Part of me really wanted to go into sub space while another part of me was really enjoying hearing k's moans and my Master and M casually speaking to each other. The whole thing was erotic and kind of surreal to a point and i enjoyed everything very much. Then comes the At some point in time, i think it was M who commented on me being quiet and the next thing i know i was ordered to turn my position so i was facing Sir's couch where M and k where. The next thing i know i have a perfect view of k's cu*t....omg. her legs were spread pretty far apart with her feet on the floor and M doing.....well i can't remember what actually. i do remember that He was using her cu*t at the time and k was enjoying herself quite a bit. i liked hearing and seeing her aroused and definitely enjoying herself. Being laid over my Master's lap where He would spank me from time to time was just wonderful while i was being allowed to observe and watch what was going on. When k came close to cumming, Sir made a comment about asking permission to cum and M told k that since it was His (my Master's) house it was only polite to ask Sir's permission to cum. i loved it, i loved k obeyed Him and asked my Master for permission to cum and He told her "not yet". Oh goodness that was new...not only did i get to see her all aroused i also got to see her work with orgasm control. i was a little split about that....i know hard it can be to hold off an orgasm and i have a soft spot for other subs/slaves having to go through stuff. On the other side it was arousing to hear someone other than myself ask Sir for permission to cum and the fact that she was ordered to ask by M was really rather interesting. After a short amount of time, k asked again and this time my Master gave permission and i got see and hear another women orgasm in r/l. It seems that every time M and k come around i end up doing or experiencing something new....true enough there is plenty i haven't done yet but i am always willing to try. After all was said and done k went back to do positions and somehow i ended up on the floor at Sir's feet once again. (Such a lovely place to be) But that, amongst other details, i do not remember. At the end of the night k got re-dressed and we all chatted for a little while longer before they left. When leaving, we all exchanged hugs and said what a wonderful time that we had. i am not sure if it would be possible to have anything but fun with M and k around to be honest. lol They have become very good friends and i must admit i am wondering what will happen that next time Sir and i see them. Whatever it may be i am sure that a wonderful time will be had by all.