Friday, November 30, 2007

What dreams may come

my visit with rabbit for Sir's birthday is coming up and i am so excited that i am doing happy jumps inside!! lol rabbit is excited albeit rather nervous as well. i can't say that i blame her....i know how nerve-wracking it was the first time i met Sir. my emotions range from nervous to excited, apprehension to excited all mixed in with a high amount of anticipation. i know some of the things my Master has planned will push my submission. Yet they all sound so very erotic as well...goodness. lol There are many new things that will be explored and experienced on many levels for all three of us, makes this visit even more special. For me, one avenue my Master wants to explore is my re-awakening bi-sexuality. rabbit knows how long it has been since i have touched (intimately) or fu*ked another female so she understands why i am nervous. In fact, she finds it a little funny. There is so much planned for this visit that Sir and i agreed that it might be best to write down my expereinces at the end of each day otherwise i may not be able to remember everything unless i do so. i have the feeling it will take me a while to write all of it down when i get back. lol i do have some wonderful images in my head though....all three of us cuddling together for a quiet moment and of course my favorite fantasy of me and another female giving Sir a massage. rabbit and i are even buying a bottle of vanilla massage oil.....i know that Sir desires to see rabbit and i give each other massages and slick bodies can never be a bad thing. *grin* There have been some pictures (of two women being intimate) that my Master has shared with me that i must admit arouses me...blush. Just the thought of Sir laying in bed with a girl on each side makes me all warm inside. On a different note, i will be able to show rabbit that part of me she has only seen glimpses of when i am on the phone with Sir. she can see how the dynamic between my Master and i works....she will be able to really see my submission/slavery to Him instead of imagining it. This is something that i am happy to share with her more so since she is beginning to discover her submissive side. In with that, rabbit will strip (or more to the point be displayed naked) for someone for the first time. she will do things she has fantasized about (yet never had the courage to say anything about-until now lol) as well as she will receive her first spanking. i know my Master is excited about that and so am i. i have never watched Sir Dominate another female, so that will be cool to watch as well. Soooo many wonderful things to happen. rabbit thinks that being "given away" as a present is very erotic and i am so happy that i am able to please my Master by providing Him with what He really wanted for His birthday. This visit will be very fun i think as well as enlightening with many new experiences. i can hardly wait!