Friday, November 2, 2007


Sir and i were on the couch cuddling when He made the comment that He thought that i should go into the shower. i said "yes Sir" but did not move for a few moments....He allowed me to stay within His arms for a few more moments and then told me to go ahead and go. i hopped off the couch and replied once again "yes Sir". my voice was a little subdued because i was thinking about what i was going to do.....or attempt to do anyways. i took off all of my clothes, folded them up and kneeled in the shower to wait for Him. Very shortly He came in and my breath caught in my chest and my eyes closed briefly.....when i opened them once again i watched Sir unzip His pants and pull out His c*ck. i took a deep breath to calm myself and as He started to pee on me my eyes just closed. i couldn't help much was going through my head. i opened my mouth and concentrated on keeping my mouth open. At first He started on my breasts and then started to pee into my mouth. As i did last time, i gently pushed it out but then something new happened.....i swallowed. Not just a tiny bit but a reasonable amount. is hard to describe how it felt. i didn't plan on it, in fact, it just kind of happened. When i realized what i did my mind froze for just a second and then this astounding rush of submission and humbleness hit me. i kept my mouth open and i dimly heard Sir say "good girl". The next thing i knew i swallowed again....part of me didn't believe i did it the first time. lol The second time i swallowed even more of His pee and Sir told me later that He could see my throat work when i did. The feeling in the room (at least for me) seemed to change....all i could feel was my submission and His Dominance. Amazing in my opinion..... i swallowed a third time and by that time i could swear i was in sub-space. Not the same as when Sir uses the flogger or crop but i was in this head space where the world around me seemed to fade away. After Sir had finished, my eyes were still closed and for the life of me they wanted to stay that way. lol i do remember opening them briefly and saw Sir had squatted next to the shower. i closed my eyes once again....the moment still seemed so intense and i was still in that lovely head space. He asked me if i was with Him and i remember giving Him a non-verbal mouth didn't want to work either apparently. i opened my eyes and He looked into them, tenderly stroked my face and ask me what i was. "i am Your slave Sir" was my response, barely above a whisper. He told me i was a good girl once again, gently kissed me on my lips and just let me stay there kneeling for a minute. i am sure that my Master could see how "rocked' i was by the experience and He gave me the time to kind of collect myself before helping me up so i could take a shower. The time showering was pretty was almost like being drunk. lol Perhaps a bad analogy know how when you get a little tipsy, you can still see everything but it feels surreal to a certain point? Well that is how i was feeling while i was bathing. Sir would come in and look at me and all i could to was smile at Him. How very very wonderful. Even after i got out, the feeling of that deep heartfelt submission stayed with me for a couple of hours and even now i can remember how i felt. i may not be able to describe it very well but i remember with such clarity. Swallowing for the first time was astounding. Although i always feel that depth of submission whenever Sir decides to pee on me, swallowing seemed to take golden showers to a new level as well as my submission. The whole event was incredible and i was so very happy that i was able to please Him and take another step into our exploration of golden showers. i am hoping that next time i will be able to swallow even more for Him and eventually be able to not have to kneel in the shower period unless Sir wants me to. Yet another wonderful step into this journey with my Master and as always i am looking forward to whatever else may come.