Sunday, November 4, 2007

slave kabobs

Sir and i made plans for M and k to come to His house for dinner.....i was really happy and excited to see M and k again as they have become good friends of Sir and i. They showed up soon after Sir had started a fire in the fire place and everything was set to make dinner. After saying hello and hugs we all went into the kitchen where M and k sat down and Sir and i started on dinner (Sir loves to cook). While Sir and i were fixing everything k took off her top. Now that didn't bother me to be honest.....i have gotten used to seeing her naked so i didn't really think anything of it. i was still dressed so that was different.....i wasn't sure what Sir had in mind regarding my clothing but i figured i wouldn't worry about it for the time being and concentrated on speaking with everyone and making dinner. After a little bit longer k took of her skirt and i will admit i looked when opportunity presented itself...just being honest. lol Then something rather interesting happened. Sir has this drawer in His kitchen which holds miscellaneous items...wooden skewers, wooden laundry pins and a few other items. i am not sure how it happened but while dinner was being prepared, my Master took them out and put them on the counter. So M put a couple of the pins on k's nipples, let them sit there a couple of minutes and then kind of yanked them off. Ohhhh....that hurt to look at. lol Painful yet intriguing. i had to giggle with k when that happened and then i turned around and resumed helping with dinner. At one point in time, i was facing the sink and i remember Sir coming behind me and lifted my shirt over my head and then unbuttoned my skirt and dragged it down my body. This again, i wasn't too shocked about to be honest....a little surprised since my Master normally has me take off my clothing instead of Him doing it. But i must admit it was a bit of a turn on for Him to strip me in His kitchen. lol Sir does not normally undress me although it was rather nice. As for the dinner itself....i must say that my Master makes a wonderful London Broil. Sooo yummy! Lots of wonderful conversation ranging from vanilla matters to BDSM centered. i always greatly enjoy hanging out with M and k and tonight was no exception. After dinner was done k helped me clean up....while Sir and M got a few ideas. Sir grabbed a couple of wooden skewers and decided to bend them back and let them snap back on my ass a couple of time. i do not remember who suggested it, but someone made the suggestion that Sir put His name on my ass.....well i didn't get His name on my ass as my Master decided that His initials were enough. hurt, yet felt good, and i held onto the counter trying hard not to move or jump. i ended up doing it But when He was finished you could clearly make out His initials on my ass....a temporary branding i think M called it. After Sir was done with me, M was using the skewer on k and then Sir jumped in on it as well. lol i was a little surprised that k did not move the entire time until she said that she was afraid that if she moved the pain would go away. i must admit that i did laugh a little at wasn't what she said (i can understand where she is coming from) but rather how she said it. The only way i could put it is cute and even she giggled a little bit. Watching that happen was very interesting...i got a little aroused yet i must admit that i was mostly curious about her reaction. The whole thing was done in a lighthearted manner really so i think everyone was pretty relaxed the entire time. After k and i got slapped with the skewers i was actually pretty happy and kept giggling....since almost every time i turned around there was a comment about His initials on my ass. (Sir was happy that they were still there...since marks fade quickly on me) But i was proud that i stood still enough for Him to do it and i even asked Sir if i could get a picture of it before the marks went away. Which was forgotten about but there is a very fun, new and good reason why. After all of that had occurred k and i finished up cleaning the kitchen while Sir and M went into the living room to chat, which also gave k and i time to speak as well. After she and i had finished cleaning we went into the living room where Sir and M where at. All of what happened next was new in some ways and also very fun although i did blush a few times.