Friday, July 20, 2007

Piercing thoughts

Well i told you i would write about possibly getting pierced, so here it is. lol It started when Sir was letting me tiptoe around the subject of becoming collared as His slave. i can't remember how the subject came up, but we discussed it far enough to decide that i would need a titanium ring to get pierced with and He and i even looked at some web-sites about piercing and even looked at jewelry. i won't lie, i was looking for a white gold one....on that note..if anyone who reads this has any piercing jewelry sites that they love, please feel free to post them in the comment section. Okay, back on topic. When Sir mentioned that He has thought about having that done as a way of marking His slave as His (remember, this was before He just bluntly asked me about my intentions for this upcoming visit) my heart sped up and for a few reasons. The thought of getting my hood pierced made me nervous and yet it was exciting at the same time.
i was nervous because i had never really thought about getting that part of me pierced and the image of having my legs spread and my cu*t exposed to a complete stranger who is holding a sharp needle in their hand hits a spot. If i thought to do this on my own, it would never get done because i would wimp out every time and i know it. lol But hence the difference in mindsets. Doing it because it is something Sir wants done and the fact that He will be there makes it okay, something although i would still be nervous about and a bit uncomfortable, but something i could ultimately handle. i think that this is one of those situations where i because of my submission to Sir, i am able to do something i normally would not or could not do. As i have said before, my submission to Sir gives me that strength. The image i have in my head is asking Sir for His permission to hold His hand while probably burying my head in His waist...or crotch...whichever level my head is at while laying down. lol Now that could be a nice distraction if Sir allows it although i know He could have me lay there with no distractions at all. i definitely see me using my submission greatly at that time, because my initial instinct would probably be to close my On a different note though, getting pierced is exciting because even though no one else will see it, Sir and i will know it's there. Taking in the fact that from some of the girls i know who have their hoods pierced, they tell me the surprise is worse than the actual piercing happening. That makes me feel a little better. Also, i must admit i like the idea of having that done, if and when Sir desires it, as a marking of my slavery to Him. i know that that idea might bother some but i am rather comfortable with the whole concept. Sir, being honest, also likes the idea that the little ball (called a captive bead) can provide a lot of stimulation while i am walking...that could become very challenging yet so much fun and somehow i am sure He has other ideas in His So overall when i think of actually getting my hood pierced i feel anticipation, nervousness, a tad bit uncomfortable (the whole stranger/needle thing) and yet comfortable in a way and excited, and Sir hasn't even told for sure that He wants that done! lol Sometimes i over think things, but i have learned that that is the best way for me to wrap my head around something that may or will happen. Nervous, yes, excited yes, totally worth it if He desires it? Definitely.