Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More reminders

The other day Sir gave me a task to do. i told Sir that i needed to go to the store sometime soon and Sir had me walk into my room and insert my butt plug. He then told me that i should go to the store sometime in the next two hours, since He did not want me to have the plug in longer than that. i told Him that it would not be a problem and that i would go soon. He then told me that i also was going to put my egg vibe in my cu*t and keep it off until i got to the store. When i stepped out of my car i was to turn it onto med during my shopping trip, until i got to checkout. i then was to turn it on high until i was finished there and back in my car. All of this i had no problem with, completely confident and relaxed until Sir told me...."Also you are not to wear any underwear..oh, and put on your short jean skirt as well. you have permission to wear regular sandals, so you can be as casual as possible." Omg.....i haven't worn my short jean skirt in quite some time and the thought of the plug and the vibe in at the same time with no underwear made me pause big time. i went into my closet and and pulled out my skirt and my heart started to race a little and the urge to giggle came. i took a steadying breath and Sir and i spoke for a little bit longer. When He and i got off the phone i got ready to go. Skirt, top, sandals and then i put the egg vibe in to accompany the plug that Sir had me put in earlier. i went out to my car, opened the door and remembered my protocol wearing skirts. So i lifted my skirt and sat down in my car. If i thought doing my protocol on a normal basis was nerve-wracking, doing it with a butt plug and vibe in was just........there are no words. lol Oh my goodness...just thinking about getting out of the car made me giggle. For once i really wasn't paying attention to how it felt having to sit down on the plug and drive, my mind was too focused on getting out of the car the way i am supposed to and walking through the store wearing this incredibly short jean skirt. Nervousness and anticipation became intertwined. Getting out of the car was Thank goodness there weren't too many people about and walking through the store was interesting. i had to bend down just right, all the time. When i got to checkout i was so aroused from the vibe and the plug that i couldn't help but think "keep calm.....breath slowly and smile." i turned the vibe on high and i definitely became very aroused and wet. Something fell out of my cart and i had to bend down to get it. i did this very carefully since i was almost out of there and i didn't really want people to see the plug. When i finally got to my car and turned the vibe off, once again i felt the urge to rock my hips...just like the last time Sir had me go to the toy store. But i didn't so i was pleased with myself. Ever since the chocolate incident i try to be aware of what i am doing when i am aroused. This task was very interesting because i had to wear a short skirt with no underwear and usually i wear pants, so it was a completely different emotional state i was in than usual. i think i am still rather shy and it was hard to keep from blushing in the store. i must admit that i had fun with this task although it certainly pushed my shy button a bit. The last time Sir did this i was at the mall and although i wasn't as nervous about it, it was still nerve-wracking this time as well. Again more reminders of my submission to Sir and i loved every minute of it.


Sir said...

just when you thought it was safe to run an errand... I am glad this little task tapped into your submission and at the same time you found enjoyment in the challenge. you did very well with the task and most importantly used your submission to help you through it. Sir