Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Yesterday was a lot of fun...nerve wracking in some ways but very fun lol. Sir and i were speaking on the phone when He decided to give me an "endurance" task of sorts, a nice surprise addition to my day idea He adapted from a blog He and i both read and enjoy very much. The point of the exercise was to over-stimulate me sexually without being allowed to cum and Sir made it challenging indeed. The instructions He gave to me were as follows. For 15 minutes i was to insert my egg vibe into my cu*t and turn it on high. After those 15 allotted minutes were up i was to turn off the egg vibe (but not take it out) grab my other vibe, turn it on high and press it against the hood of my clit for anther 15 minutes. After that i was to turn it off and turn the egg vibe back on for 15 minutes and then turn it off and use my other vibe on my clit for the last 15 minutes. So an hour total. Now here is the fun part, describing what happened. lol
After Sir gave me my instructions He asked me if there was anything that i need to do...i told Him i had about 10 minutes worth of dishes and that was it. He then told me i could wash dishes during the first 15 minutes when i had the egg vibe in. He then said that He had some things He needed to attend to and told me that He would call near the end of this task, then said goodbye. The first round (round one--ding ding- lol) wasn't that hard because i was doing least i thought it wouldn't be hard.....i was so wrong. lol It actually became hard to do the cu*t got so wet and sensitive and sometimes my cu*t would squeeze the vibe and that made it so much harder. i wasn't trying body was just very actively responding to the sensations. When round two started and i had to use the vibe on my clit i honestly thought i was But i turned off the egg vibe and placed the other one on my clit on high. Omg....i had this intense rush of orgasm hit me like a tidal wave after about 30 seconds. In our conversation Sir had given me permission to do what ever else i needed to do so i wouldn't cum so i removed the vibe immediately. i honestly waited about a min before putting it back on but after what seemed just like a couple of minutes i hadto remove it again and this time i kept it off for about 2 minutes. The third time i attempted this i almost came again in the span of just a couple of minutes and i was about to go mind was dead set on not cumming as Sir instructed but my body had it's own idea of what should happen. lol So off it came for a third time and i waited a minute before putting it back on. i felt that orgasm building once again but i tried to hold it off this time instead of just removing the vibe...mostly because i was really really enjoying the sensations and didn't want it to stop unless i absolutely had to. When the timer went off to switch to the egg vibe i had to take a deep breath. my body was so close to cumming even with me holding off that it was actually hard stopping.....but i did it and i was happy that i did. By this time i was so wet that my inner thighs were soaking...and when i turned the egg vibe on high i felt the stirrings of an orgasm happen. Oh my goodness....i was in complete overdrive. The egg was easier to handle though so that was a good thing and then Sir called. He asked me how i was fairing and i know my voice broke telling Him that i was doing well. He asked me how many times i almost came and i told Him three. While the egg vibe was in and on He had me turn on my messenger and then my cam. my heart rate had been a while since Sir used me and even longer with the cam. i felt like i did when i was first asked to masturbate on the cam ...nervous anticipation. Sir had me pull out the egg vibe and place it on my clit and then had me slowly start fucking myself with my other vibe. i knew that it pleased Him to see me on the cam so that is what i focused on. After about 2 or 3 minutes though i just let myself go....enjoyed the fact that Sir was using me, the desire and arousal coursing through my body, the fact that i was pleasing Him. Since i am an exhibitionist as well... i enjoyedthe mental picture that He was simple relaxing at home watching me do as He bidded...which was being His slut at the moment. Within minutes i was asking Sir if His slut may please have permission to cum for Him and He (thankfully) gave me permission to do so with no hesitation. Big orgasm for me....yay!! lol Normally after i cum Sir has me stop what i am doing but not this time....the egg vibe stung a little for about 30 seconds and then pleasure hit. Sir had me start fu*king myself harder and faster and i just got into it. Moaning, twisting a little (if i had a third hand i would have begged Sir to let me play with my nipples to be honest lol) and just enjoyed the sensations He was allowing. Sir tells me that within a couple of minutes (i had no concept of time at this point) i was asking Him once again if His slut may have permission to cum for Him. i remember doing that and i also remember Him telling me no. lol That was hard. i had to push back the urge so hard i thought i almost lost it, but i didn't. It would fade back and then hit full force all over again. Finally i couldn't take it anymore and i asked Sir again if i may please cum for Him....trying to put how hard it was becoming into my tone and He told me to beg, and i did. my brain just wanted to stick with saying please over and over and But another part of my brain said that saying please would not convey how much i wanted to cum for Him, so i just begged. i remember at one point saying "Sir, please, please, i am begging You, please please may Your slut have permission to cum for You?" i was beyond caring what i sounded like at that point...and please still ended up in that sentence quite a few times. lol i don't remember how loud i was, or what my tone sounded like, all i knew is that i needed and wanted to communicate how badly i wanted to cum for Him and that was all that mattered at that moment. Then He said "chai....cum." The tone He used is one i have written about before, that tone of total Dominance, a little raw and yet so sensual in it's own right, it's one that i never question or have to even think about responding to....i just do. On a side note, that tone never fails to send a shiver down my spine and make my nipples they are now. lol Well He said that and in about 30 seconds i had such a hard orgasm that i couldn't make many sounds (that and my head was bent backwards)....i am pretty sure i squeaked a few times and my breath and whole body was so shaky afterward that i was afraid that i couldn't stand up. After i had calmed down a little (enough to speak at any rate) i thanked Sir for using me and for allowing me to cum for Him. Then something happened... i became unbelievably shy. i was covering my face, i couldn't look Him in the eyes (so to speak).....and i am pretty sure i was blushing. Wow...i haven't been that shy in front of Sir (at least not when He is using me at any rate) in a long time. Sir then had me stand up and get into Pos.3 and then finish the position by spreading myself for Him. Vulnerable is the word that comes to mind. i was so shy anyways that doing this made me want to blush so badly. my heart was pounding and i actually wondered how long He wanted me to stay in that position. Even though i was so very shy i was still so very much in a submissive mindset, i was just shy while doing it. After that Sir had me sit back down and He and ichatted for a few minutes while the shyness slowly melted away. Not all the way but enough to where i could look straight at the cam without covering my face after about 5 seconds.

Overall it was so much fun to do, and it ended up trying my submission in different ways. First not cumming and the being naked in front of the cam, begging without restraint and then the feelings and shyness afterward, even while in pos.3. Just simply amazing and fun. i went to work that day still a little blushing (a co-worker called me "glowy") and i thought about what happened pretty much all day. i loved being in that deep mental state of submission
that He puts me in and really loved the way in which He decided to do it. Talk about a surprise....lucky for me i like surprises. lol Definitely a lot of fun.... trying at times but still so very fun.


libby said...

wow that sounds like a very delicious session honey :) And i'm so honoured by the lovely comment about my blog


Anonymous said...

this is the first time i have read your blog. It was really quite impressive. The feelings you had were conveyed so well with the words you used. i myself, am a submissive and hope to someday have the connection you speak of with your Sir. It seemed like an amazing session. i look forward to reading more...

chai said...
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chai said...

Hello anonymous,
thank you very much for your kind words. i always enjoy reading such positive comments and it makes me happy to know you look forward to reading more.


chai said...

Hey libby,
thank you for the comment, it was a very nice session indeed. As for your blog, i always look forward to reading and seeing what new things you are doing as well.


Anonymous said...

By the removal of your dallas's site link and image, do we take it that she is no longer with your master ?

Sir said...

I felt it only right that I address the issue raised about dallas. Simply put it was the hurdles created by long distance that truly never gave our "family" a chance to bond in the cohesive style I had hoped to build and maintain. For me it was a very difficult decision to make but eventually decided it was best for all to release her. dallas remains our friend and it will be my pleasure to offer my guidance as she continues her own personal journey.