Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A lesson revisited

Last night Sir had me add an additional aspect to my nightly ritual. He also instructed me to write a letter to Him telling of how the events unfolded. After reading it He decided i should share it with my readers. So below is my letter to Sir.

Good morning Sir,
The additional task You gave me went well tonight. It took a minute to get it in....i tried to rush it and ended up feeling stretched in a way that was not too pleasant. ::grin:: May i say here Sir, thank You for giving me this task to do so that i may be prepared for this upcoming visit? Well i slowed down (a lot) and that seemed to help. i hope that this is okay Sir, but once i got it in, i took a minute to sit and breath. i tried to feel the fullness of the plug and become accustomed to it. To be honest, it wasn't very has been a while since i have used the plug and moving around seemed to make it worse. lol i did focus on my submission quite a bit though Sir, something i hope pleases You to hear. i did get used to the full feeling from the plug though by the time i finished my
positions...i think that with more practice it will cease to be a problem at all. Pos. 1 and 2 went very well.....pos.3 made me feel a little exposed and even though i was alone, i took a breath before finishing pos.3 Sir. i couldn't help It just felt a bit nerve wracking, more so since at that time i had a picture of You in my head. Once i left pos.3 and went into pos.4 i felt a bit more....well....less giggly. Pos. 5 was interesting....the pressure from sitting about drove me crazy Sir. lol Goodness. i made myself stay still because i had started to wiggle around, trying to find a way for the plug to become more comfortable but to no avail. It reminded me of driving with the plug in Sir, which made me smile. Pos.6 was the most comfortable out of all of them Sir. Which i think is partly because i love that position and usually whenever i use the plug i am in that position and i stay there. So that went beautifully i think Sir. Pos.7 was....hmmmm. lol Having the plug in with my legs raised up put a different type of pressure from the plug. Almost like it was being pushed down on, even though it wasn't. It wasn't as obvious once i started to breath deeply although imaging doing that in front of You with the plug in caused a nervous giggle Sir. Position 8 was fairly easy although going into pos. 9 was pretty cool really. Again with the pressure being different Sir. Having my back bent at that angle seemed to once again push the plug in further, i at least knew there was no way it was going to come out. Sir. lol By the time i was in pos. 6, the plug stopped being really uncomfortable....the fullness still felt a little a good way, but still very different. i was able to focus on my submission and let that calmness over take me, even though part of me was focused on the plug as well. Overall though, i did have fun with it Sir. Even had a few giggles and was also reminded me of my submission when the plug felt really uncomfortable.
When i went into pos.6 for my meditation i thought that i would become fully accustomed to the plug being in my ass Sir. But even staying still the constant fullness would throw me off guard. There was even one time i would have liked to take it out Sir. But i didn't so i am happy about that. While meditating, i thought of my submission and how far i have come so far in this journey. Everything i have learned and how much there is still to learn about and experience Sir. i thought about this upcoming visit and how it may push my submission but how it will strengthen it as well. i thought about everything that was going to happen and then i started to get aroused Sir. lol i am sorry, it just kind of happened. Well, then the plug was a little uncomfortable but in a great way Sir. Omg...part of me felt stretched in a way i hadn't been in a while and the other part of me wanted to move the plug in and out. i did not masturbate Sir but i thought that this observance was interesting. i knew that the plug may not feel that great if i were to move it but it still sounded like good idea. Almost like that good type of pain Sir? i don't know....normally if i think that something won't feel that great, i won't do it to myself unless You instruct me to. But this time, i thought that the idea sounded pretty good. i am a little confused i think, wondering where that train of thought came from during my meditation. May i ask You for Your insight Sir? After finishing my meditation i took the plug out, washed and put it away and then sat down to type. Although i did grab something small to eat Sir. So here i am, almost done with this letter, hoping that it has put a smile on Your face Sir. i know i feel happy with tonight and relaxed.


Pyrrhic said...

Dear chai:

I came across your blog a day or two ago and have been through same. As I have been in a r/l TPE for years my perspective is a little different on things. I note in your post - I think of Nov. 19, or thereabouts, possible issues with long duration calls from overseas. My slave suffers from anxiety related issues and I have a great need to call when I am on overseas trips. To control expense I use Skype (now others offer something similar). Perhaps your Master was travelling without a laptop or in areas with no high speed (yikes!), but where there is highspeed there are a number of calling solutions that are free, computer to computer. Or even computer to telephone for a couple of cents a minute. I thought I would write as this calling while overseas issue has been a live one for us. While your Master may very well know about these things, if by some chance he doesn't it would be helpful to him. I know how important keeping in touch with my own slave is.