Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Caught in the Headlights

"Drop your pants." Quietly, firmly said by my Master as He held a miniature cane in one of His hands. i have never truly hesitated following a command given by Him but this time i froze. He and i were in a public store...true enough it was a BDSM themed that sold collars, canes, crops, floggers, BDSM clothing and other paraphernalia. But is was still a public place. There were other people in the store (all men i might add) and i wasn't wearing any underwear. How this came about is that Sir was looking at canes...He let me feel a couple of them and chose one and lightly whacked me on my ass with it. It didn't sting at all and when Sir asked me if i felt it, i told Him "no Sir" He then walked to the other side of me, got this serious expression on His face and ordered me to drop my pants. For about 10 seconds i thought He was joking and then reality hit....He really meant for me to drop my pants in the middle of the store!!! In front of people....with no underwear on!! heart dropped into my stomach and started to race. i was praying that He would change His mind but i knew He meant what He said. So i stood there, hopping from foot to foot, looking decidedly uncomfortable and by Sir's words, distressed. i had my hands on the counter, looking down and part of me wanted to beg for me to keep my clothes on. i wanted to do as He instructed but i still could not seem to wrap my head around His request....He repeated Himself and with my emotions flying around at the speed of light, i tried to focus on my submission. i tried to make everything around me fade a place where my concentration was on my Master and what He wanted me to do. But it was sooo hard. i kept getting images of some man walking behind me getting a perfect view of my cu*t...eeekkk! i saw Him smile from time to time as He saw my struggle with the concept, trying to process what He wanted me to do. As i started to calm down and accept the fact that i was going to drop my pants for a very possible public caning some guy comes out of no where and asks me if i am okay. my Master was not pleased in the fact He got a little pissed. i remember hearing Him say "she's fine"...and not in a nice way. i answered "never better"....looking back i should not have responded but i didn't know if everything was okay or not. It did break the scene though....Sir was a bit angry and my concentration of pulling from my submission was a bit lost. However, after the guy had left i was still really my mind i was thinking i still needed to obey His command. In an attempt for more time to think, i even asked Sir if we could ask the clerk if me dropping my pants would be i was really really nervous. Sir kind of waited around, spoke to the clerk (the clerk told Him it would be okay lol) and i followed Him around the store. Somehow, without my Master telling me, i kind of knew that the scene would not be occurring. On the same note, i also knew that He could turn around and tell me to drop my pants at anytime, so i was a bundle of nerves the rest of the time in the store. Every time He would look at me i thought He was going to tell me to strip. lol When we got back in His car i was quiet....i felt bad for not responding immediately, i felt that i had failed in a way. Sir told me that He knew i would do as He requested, once i wrapped my brain around the idea but i still felt a little bad about it. Looking back on the scene in the store later on in the day, i told Sir that even though i was really nervous and it was pretty hard, i still wished that the scene that He wanted to do, hadn't been interrupted. Sir felt the same....He wanted to push me mentally and He wanted me to use my submission. That is the first time that anything, like a scene being interrupted, has ever happened and i hope that it will be the last. i trust Sir to push me where He wants me and i think experiencing something like that would have, in the end, been wonderful. On a positive note, what i did get to experience was very nerve-wracking yet pretty cool.....who knows, maybe Sir will see fit to do something like that again. i know for sure that i will be blushing but hopefully i will be able to process and respond a lot faster than this past time.


Anonymous said...

At least it was a request in a bdsm store and not in a busy mall at the weekend! ;-)