Thursday, December 6, 2007

Allowance vs. Restriction

Being on restriction is very is something that i enjoy although it can get a little hard to do at times. Being off restriction is now more fun than it used to be. lol To Master took me off restriction for 2 weeks before He left on His trip. Way back when, whenever He took me off restriction, i didn't enjoy it that much. i think that that was partly due to the fact that i did not really know how to enjoy my body nor did i really take the time to masturbate fully. i used to be really nervous about being off restriction because i didn't really didn't know what to do with myself! lol Since Master has helped teach me (by making sure i did take my time by setting time limits for what i should do) how my body reacts and what it likes, i have come to enjoy masturbating much more than i used to. So when He took me of restriction this time, i took full advantage of it. i am not going to go into specifics but i will say i was masturbating every day (and sometimes twice a There were a few times that Sir decided to use me during that period of time, which always makes what He has me doing so much more pleasurable. i love being used by Master when He sees fit and i consider it a surprise and a privilege when ever He does so. Master tells me so casually to go to my room and grab my vibe that sometimes it takes me a moment to fully comprehend what He is most likely going to do. lol But i am wandering off topic. When He left for His trip i was back on restriction and oh goodness it got hard. i became accustomed to masturbating whenever i had the urge so having to repress that was not fun. There were times it felt like my body was begging for any type of sensation and my mind was wishing for Master to use me. Omg.... There was one time i took one of my "sexy" baths and i had to get out after only 10 minutes because of the urge to play with myself. i told Master this and i remember Him laughing over it...i pouted for about half a second and then my own voice joined His in laughter. It had been a while since i really had to use my submission not to masturbate and i felt tested at times. But i did as Master wanted me to do and i am happy that i did.