Saturday, December 8, 2007

A rose by any other name

Just in case, for those of you that have not noticed, i used the term Master to refer to Sir quite often in my last entry. This is because Sir has instructed me to start using Master as well as Sir when referring about Him when speaking to someone. So now i have both titles i am allowed to use. Because of this i will no longer tack "my" onto "Master" either in writing or in speech. Writing has not been that difficult but since i have been given permission, i have used the title Master when i refer to Sir with rabbit. It felt different....not bad at all but different. At first i thought that verbally addressing Him as Master to others would be easy but breaking the habit of only calling Him Sir by this new addition of titles has been a little difficult thus far. It is one of those things i think will come more naturally with time. It is very nice though to be able to call Him Master to others. For me the strongest aspect of referring to Him as Master is that the word slave seems to flash in my head and serves as yet another reminder of the path i have chosen. It is another new thing i am learning to do. As this is Master's desire, i will endeavor to do my very best to please Him.


Pyrrhic said...

Dear chai:

I came across your blog a day or two ago and have been through same. As I have been in a r/l TPE for years my perspective is a little different on things. I note in your post - I think of Nov. 19, or thereabouts, possible issues with long duration calls from overseas. My slave suffers from anxiety related issues and I have a great need to call when I am on overseas trips. To control expense I use Skype (now others offer something similar). Perhaps your Master was travelling without a laptop or in areas with no high speed (yikes!), but where there is highspeed there are a number of calling solutions that are free, computer to computer. Or even computer to telephone for a couple of cents a minute. I thought I would write as this calling while overseas issue has been a live one for us. While your Master may very well know about these things, if by some chance he doesn't it would be helpful to him. I know how important keeping in touch with my own slave is.



chai said...

Dear Pyrrhic,
Thank You very much for relating Your experiences and for the suggestions. i have told Master about the comment You left. i appreciate You taking the time to share Your thoughts and hope You continue to enjoy my journal.