Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Birthday Chronicles

i dug into my carry-on and grabbed the purple ribbon that was to go around rabbit's neck. Wrapping Sir's present in a manner of speaking. Putting it around her neck was exciting....i just couldn't wait to get off the plane. Getting off the plane, was as i predicted....rabbit and i were both jumping around on the inside, just for different reasons. she and i spoke on the plane and she had told me how nervous she was although she said she was also excited. As we walked through the airport, i was on the phone with Master and rabbit asked if she could stop and get a cup of coffee. (i was not Finally, she and i reached where i knew Sir was waiting and my heart rate sped up.....i was so happy to see Him and i felt like i was going to just burst from anticipation. Sure enough, there He was. Leaning against the wall looking undeniably sexy with that grin i have come to know so well. When i reached Sir, He gave me a hug and a kiss and then He turned to rabbit. i turned to watch Him embrace her and all i could do was smile. On the way to Sir's home, while in the truck he had rabbit sit between us. He and i both had our hands on rabbit's legs and kept stroking her from her knees to her upper inner thigh. After a little while of this, Master put her hand on my thigh and she had fun causing wonderful sensations. (it felt a little naughty for another women touching me semi-intimately....naughty but with Master watching, very erotic as well) However, i think that perhaps rabbit was a little too nervous to let herself become really aroused, although she did have lots of fun on the ride home. By the time all of us had reached Sir's house, i was very aroused and more comfortable with everything. We all went inside and after all the luggage had been put away neatly in Master's bedroom we all went into the kitchen to get dinner out. (Sir suggested that we stop by a restaurant for a to-go order....we were all a little hungry lol) Sir poured a glass of wine for everyone and we all went into the living room to eat, so we could sit around a roaring fire that Sir had started. i of course sat at Sir's feet and rabbit did the same. Lots of conversation and laughter ensued and Master even allowed us to look at a commercial He had been in when He was younger. (we all ended up either laughing or giggling, in a good way) The mood in the room became more relaxed although the tension from what rabbit and i knew would happen (her stripping) lingered. my main concern was that Sir was pleased and that He and rabbit were getting along and were having a good time with each other. After everyone had eaten, i asked Sir for permission to take the plates to the kitchen, so only the glasses of wine remained. It was when i returned that Master offered rabbit the opportunity to go through the entire toy bag and ask for anything to be demonstrated.....on me. lol i wasn't really surprised with that but i was a bit curious as to what could happen next.


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