Thursday, December 27, 2007

Birthday Chronicles :: A bound rabbit

we were all in the bedroom when Master told rabbit to go ahead and get undressed. she looked curious yet very nervous at the same time. she hesitated greatly and Sir decided to help her by telling her what article of clothing to remove at a time. Each time she removed a piece of clothing she would hesitate and freeze all over again. Sir then again, would tell her the next item to take off. When rabbit finally got down to her thong, before Sir could say "Okay, now the thong." rabbit smiled and said "i the thong." lol Sir laughed and said that He found that really quite funny. It also showed Him that rabbit still had a sense of humor about things. i couldn't really blame her for being pretty nervous, i had felt the same way the first time Sir ever tied me up. i looked at her, grinned and when she laid down on the bed i laid down next to her. i just lightly spoke while Sir tied her up the same way He done to me. He would ask her occasionally if the rope was too tight or if she was doing okay. she looked relieved i think, to know and feel that Sir was concerned about her. she reassured us both that she was doing fine and that the rope wasn't too tight. Every now and then a giggle would come from rabbit, which made me smile and giggle a little as well. Sir started out with one of His smaller vibes, He had used it once before and saw that it got a nice reaction out of her....meaning it made her a little breathless and squirmy. lol Watching Sir use rabbit was pretty erotic really.....seeing someone else tied up in a manner that i had been Arousing to say the least...... At first i started to really focus on her breasts, lightly sucking, nibbling, licking...all the fun stuff. i love breasts, it is one of my favorite body parts on a woman, so being able to play with rabbit's was a treat. my only hope was that i was turning her on as much has she had done to me. Can you blame me? lol Running my hands up and down her body while she lightly jerked from the sensations Sir made her feel.....well.....i knew i wasn't responsible for all of her arousal but i enjoyed knowing that i contributed to it. After a little while Sir had me hand Him the harley. i couldn't suppress an evil little grin....i know how crazy that thing can make me and i was dying of curiosity to see how it affected rabbit. What i really wanted (being honest) was to hear her squeal, but alas it didn't happen. (i remember when i used to be just as took a little bit for me to relax and express myself vocally whenever Sir decided to use me) As rabbit had done with me, i ended up sitting back a lot of the time and just watched. Being able to watch someone else push and pull against the the ropes that bound them was interesting really. i couldn't help but notice some differences but that is really cool in my opinion. How she responded vs me and how different i was sure our body language was. i do remember intently watching the harly being run up and down her cu*t and the voyeur side of me enjoyed watching that immensely. After a while of Sir hitting spots on rabbit that made her wriggle all over the bed (as much as she could anyways- lol) He turned off the vibe and went to the head of the bed and laid down next to her. He was talking to rabbit while kissing and playing with her nipples. i got brave and asked Sir for permission go sit in between her legs. Sir gave me permission and i moved in between her legs and after running my hands along her legs, actually placed my hand on her cu*t. Yikes! lol (i did it, i did it-lol) Ran my fingers up and down, played with her clit and pretty much just explored. rabbit did not seem to mind and even enjoyed what i was doing. Touching another woman's cu*t was...well....a bit of a turn on but i think i was more intent on exploring her body a that time. However, i will say her that her cu*t was soft and warm and i think i really re-discovered why i was bi-sexual (besides breasts- lol) After Sir untied her, it is true that rabbit did not have an orgasm or really "let go". Still Sir was very proud of rabbit.....she didn't back away from trying something that she was really curious about, even though it made her very nervous. Sir and i knew that her being tied up pushed her boundaries and her comfort level and i am happy just of the fact that she trusted Sir and i enough to let it happen. If rabbit will ever explore this side of herself again, i have no idea, but she did say that she was happy that she at least tried it once.