Tuesday, December 18, 2007

B'day Weekend

i'm baaaaack! lol This visit to Master proved to be most interesting.....rabbit explored some of her own boundaries and comfort zones by trying some very new things. Some of those would be bondage, erotic pain and stripping. i will get to the details later, promise. i got to try some things that were new and had a very wonderful and intense scene with Sir. rabbit and i brought Sir a gag gift of sorts (i'll tell you why i kind of considered it a gag gift) and He also had a gift for each of us! i felt a little bad about that since it was His birthday but i know that He had and will get pleasure out of the gifts He gave us so i feel lots better. What else...hmmmm. lol Quite a bit happened really and i can't wait to get it all written out. i am very happy that Sir told me from time to time to jot down notes, otherwise i might not remember it all...


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