Saturday, December 22, 2007

Birthday Chronicles :: Kissed

Watching Master kiss rabbit did two things. One, it made me certain that i was not jealous that He was kissing her and two, i got very aroused. But really....this is Sir we are talking about, just Him alone turns me on to no end. It was lol i have always wondered what Master looked like when He was using or playing with me and after this weekend, having a camcorder around sounds like a good idea. (i have turned into such a perv, i love it lol) Anyways, after a minute or two Sir had us kissing....rabbit and i kissed for about 30 seconds, parted and then Sir asked us "Did I tell you both to stop kissing?" i murmured my apologies with a slight giggle and resumed kissing rabbit. However, after about another 30 seconds she and i could not contain the giggles that built into our chests. It was funny...not funny ha ha but omg i am doing this funny. Attack of the nerves i think. lol i remember Sir kneeling beside me and He started to kiss me....somewhere in the middle of it, He instructed rabbit to insert her fingers into my cu*t. That was a unique mind and body were so sensitive with arousal and anticipation that i started to lose myself in all the sensations. Then as Master was kissing me (quite passionately i might add ::grin::) He slid His hand up to my throat and squeezed. With that action i was gone.... His hand on my throat can easily send me into such a state of submission and arousal. Soo many things. i remember Him taking off the nipple clamps and i gasped into His mouth. It was that "hurt so good type of pain". He then released me and took off rabbits. i was expecting a reaction but the girl hardly flinched!! lol Sir made the comment about possibly using the clover clamps on her next time and i could not suppress a grin and neither could rabbit. Sir then instructed me to go and lay down on my back on the couch. When i got there i got into a comfortable position and then watched as Master drew rabbit near Him and just started to kiss her, sliding His hands up and down her body and play with her breasts. It took about 30 seconds and then arousal and desire just kicked in like a ton of bricks. i was entranced.....Sir is just so hot in my mind and just being allowed to experience something like that was amazing. i could hear rabbit's soft moans and watching her react was surreal in some ways. Surreal but very erotic and arousing. Soon Sir directed rabbit to the couch as well. When she was half laying against Him, Sir spread her legs slightly and started to slap her cu*t. This was something that rabbit expressed that she had experienced once before and wanted to try on a more intense level. Well Sir started out lightly while increasing the pressure each time (at least that is what is sounded like lol) Instead of her closing her legs (which i thought that she would do) she just laid back and thoroughly enjoyed what was happening. she became very aroused and a little flushed. From time to time, Sir would have me lean in and lick or suck on her nipples, run my hands up and down her body which caused even more arousal for me. i was in a high state of arousal the entire time and i loved what was going on. i do not remember exactly how it happened, but Sir had rabbit turn over for her first spanking ever. Goodness, that girl has a high pain tolerance! lol she did very well with her first spanking and surprised both Sir and i with how hard He was able to go. In the end she had two little bruises (one on each ass cheek) and a very cute, very pink ass. Every now and then Sir would have me lean over and kiss her ass in various spots....kissing overly heated skin was pretty fun. lol After all of various spankings and such were done, Sir told rabbit how proud of her He was, that He had fun spanking her and that He was happy that she was having a fun time so far. rabbit went to go do something and Sir led me into His bedroom. i stood at the end of His bed and He patted His lap, indicating He wanted me to place myself for a spanking. To be honest, i was very excited and was actually craving that type of interaction with Him. Being over His lap was calming.....i enjoyed the feeling of being there, knowing i was His. All the arousal and anticipation and some of the new things had left me feeling a bit "hyper". Not in a bad way but what can be a very calming influence from Sir and His Dominance was greatly thanked for. Somewhere in Sir spanking me i fell into sub-space and i faintly remember rabbit coming in to His room and Sir asking her to go and get His crop. He gave me a few swats with it and explained to rabbit that i was in sub-space and was processing erotic pain in a different way. Coming out of sub-space i felt a little cuddly but also a bit rambunctious yet very sleepy. It was almost 3am in the morning! lol So Sir undressed and rabbit put on pajamas (she hates feeling cold) and crawled into bed. So far a very interesting night and i thought how the coming days would go.