Monday, December 24, 2007

Birthday Chronicles :: Bound

Sir led both rabbit and i into His room, after a discussion about trying some bondage by being tied to the bed. i was elected (told by Sir in other words) to go first so that rabbit could observe....Sir knew she was nervous and i was happy to try and ease her nerves. i was a little nervous too albeit very excited....being tied up in front of rabbit certainly was different. Although she and i had spoken quite often about bondage, i knew that talking and seeing were two different things. So i was hoping that she would have fun observing a little. Well, Sir decided to add some rope and i got to help set the rope onto the bed. When all was finished Sir had me lay on the bed and proceeded to tie me up. First a rope went around my thighs then ankles. One at time and during the whole process, i slowly went into that sate of mind where i am just totally into the moment of what is happening. When Sir tied my wrists together and above my head i was almost trembling with nerves, arousal and anticipation. With rabbit being there i had no clue as to what could happen. Sure enough when He was done, Sir started playing with my cu*t and rabbit was licking and sucking on my nipples. Omg....even though i love the clamps (sometimes lol) and breast/nipple torture, having someone playing with my nipples so softly aroused me so much. At some point in time Sir went to my nipples, rabbit had the vibe and i was happily in the middle. lol At some point in time, Master went and got His crop and started to lightly hit my inner thighs. It had been a little while since that part of my body had experienced erotic pain and at first i was trying to breath with each one. But not for long. Sir had the harley with a new attachment on it and it was driving me crazy. The new attachment is purple, it slips over the head and it has a part of it that sticks out like a dildo of sorts. All the sensations left me forgetting that rabbit was even there, more so since at this point she just sat back and watched. Soon each strike with the crop only heightened my arousal....Master then started to use the crop with much more force. Somewhere within the hard cropping i was being given, the pain went from a little much to not enough. lol Well, sort was that type of subspace where the pain wasn't pain and the only thing i could focus on was what i was feeling. you know the space where you seem to forget who you are, you are just floating on all the sensations and your brain isn't working all the way? When i felt an orgasm approaching fast i do remember begging Sir to please go harder with the crop. He tells me that i was yelling and although i am sure that i did, i don't really remember being that loud, but then again i know i can get very loud when i cum for Him. (blush) When i begged for Sir to go harder, all i could feel was each strike propelling me harder and faster towards an orgasm. It is a little confusing really, what i was feeling. All i know is that Sir did see fit to grant my breathless request and very soon i was asking Sir if His slut may please have permission to cum for Him. i am very happy and thankful that Sir gave me permission because Cumming that hard left me feeling a little drained and after Sir untied me and i regained the better part of my senses i looked down at my thighs. i wasn't bothered by what i saw but rabbit looked a little surprised. my thighs were a dark red and already showing some bruising. Master decided it would be a good idea for everyone to take a break so rabbit went outside for a cigarette. All of us had a short discussion and it turns out that rabbit really was just surprised but still very willing to try bondage herself. she knew that Sir knew she wasn't at that level and that He wouldn't push her to that point. (One of Master's philosophies is to not push someone to the point where they have a bad experience, His goal is to leave someone wanting more - which He is good at if i may say so lol) After the discussion we all went back inside to Sir's bedroom where it would be rabbit's turn next.