Friday, December 28, 2007

Off again

i am taking off to go see Master in just a short while. Yay!! Normally i would write about this well in advance but this time but i was concentrating on the Birthday Chronicles, that time seem to slip away. lol i am very very excited, even more so since i will be with Master for almost 4 days. i honestly cannot wait to get off the plan to meet Him and i am very certain that this visit will be a full one indeed. Master even gave me permission to go and have a one-on-one lunch with k this visit, so that is something i am greatly looking forward to as well. Sir did mention using the dungeon while i am there but what else may happen, i have no idea but i am so excited i could almost burst!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Birthday Chronicles :: A bound rabbit

we were all in the bedroom when Master told rabbit to go ahead and get undressed. she looked curious yet very nervous at the same time. she hesitated greatly and Sir decided to help her by telling her what article of clothing to remove at a time. Each time she removed a piece of clothing she would hesitate and freeze all over again. Sir then again, would tell her the next item to take off. When rabbit finally got down to her thong, before Sir could say "Okay, now the thong." rabbit smiled and said "i the thong." lol Sir laughed and said that He found that really quite funny. It also showed Him that rabbit still had a sense of humor about things. i couldn't really blame her for being pretty nervous, i had felt the same way the first time Sir ever tied me up. i looked at her, grinned and when she laid down on the bed i laid down next to her. i just lightly spoke while Sir tied her up the same way He done to me. He would ask her occasionally if the rope was too tight or if she was doing okay. she looked relieved i think, to know and feel that Sir was concerned about her. she reassured us both that she was doing fine and that the rope wasn't too tight. Every now and then a giggle would come from rabbit, which made me smile and giggle a little as well. Sir started out with one of His smaller vibes, He had used it once before and saw that it got a nice reaction out of her....meaning it made her a little breathless and squirmy. lol Watching Sir use rabbit was pretty erotic really.....seeing someone else tied up in a manner that i had been Arousing to say the least...... At first i started to really focus on her breasts, lightly sucking, nibbling, licking...all the fun stuff. i love breasts, it is one of my favorite body parts on a woman, so being able to play with rabbit's was a treat. my only hope was that i was turning her on as much has she had done to me. Can you blame me? lol Running my hands up and down her body while she lightly jerked from the sensations Sir made her feel.....well.....i knew i wasn't responsible for all of her arousal but i enjoyed knowing that i contributed to it. After a little while Sir had me hand Him the harley. i couldn't suppress an evil little grin....i know how crazy that thing can make me and i was dying of curiosity to see how it affected rabbit. What i really wanted (being honest) was to hear her squeal, but alas it didn't happen. (i remember when i used to be just as took a little bit for me to relax and express myself vocally whenever Sir decided to use me) As rabbit had done with me, i ended up sitting back a lot of the time and just watched. Being able to watch someone else push and pull against the the ropes that bound them was interesting really. i couldn't help but notice some differences but that is really cool in my opinion. How she responded vs me and how different i was sure our body language was. i do remember intently watching the harly being run up and down her cu*t and the voyeur side of me enjoyed watching that immensely. After a while of Sir hitting spots on rabbit that made her wriggle all over the bed (as much as she could anyways- lol) He turned off the vibe and went to the head of the bed and laid down next to her. He was talking to rabbit while kissing and playing with her nipples. i got brave and asked Sir for permission go sit in between her legs. Sir gave me permission and i moved in between her legs and after running my hands along her legs, actually placed my hand on her cu*t. Yikes! lol (i did it, i did it-lol) Ran my fingers up and down, played with her clit and pretty much just explored. rabbit did not seem to mind and even enjoyed what i was doing. Touching another woman's cu*t was...well....a bit of a turn on but i think i was more intent on exploring her body a that time. However, i will say her that her cu*t was soft and warm and i think i really re-discovered why i was bi-sexual (besides breasts- lol) After Sir untied her, it is true that rabbit did not have an orgasm or really "let go". Still Sir was very proud of rabbit.....she didn't back away from trying something that she was really curious about, even though it made her very nervous. Sir and i knew that her being tied up pushed her boundaries and her comfort level and i am happy just of the fact that she trusted Sir and i enough to let it happen. If rabbit will ever explore this side of herself again, i have no idea, but she did say that she was happy that she at least tried it once.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Birthday Chronicles :: Bound

Sir led both rabbit and i into His room, after a discussion about trying some bondage by being tied to the bed. i was elected (told by Sir in other words) to go first so that rabbit could observe....Sir knew she was nervous and i was happy to try and ease her nerves. i was a little nervous too albeit very excited....being tied up in front of rabbit certainly was different. Although she and i had spoken quite often about bondage, i knew that talking and seeing were two different things. So i was hoping that she would have fun observing a little. Well, Sir decided to add some rope and i got to help set the rope onto the bed. When all was finished Sir had me lay on the bed and proceeded to tie me up. First a rope went around my thighs then ankles. One at time and during the whole process, i slowly went into that sate of mind where i am just totally into the moment of what is happening. When Sir tied my wrists together and above my head i was almost trembling with nerves, arousal and anticipation. With rabbit being there i had no clue as to what could happen. Sure enough when He was done, Sir started playing with my cu*t and rabbit was licking and sucking on my nipples. Omg....even though i love the clamps (sometimes lol) and breast/nipple torture, having someone playing with my nipples so softly aroused me so much. At some point in time Sir went to my nipples, rabbit had the vibe and i was happily in the middle. lol At some point in time, Master went and got His crop and started to lightly hit my inner thighs. It had been a little while since that part of my body had experienced erotic pain and at first i was trying to breath with each one. But not for long. Sir had the harley with a new attachment on it and it was driving me crazy. The new attachment is purple, it slips over the head and it has a part of it that sticks out like a dildo of sorts. All the sensations left me forgetting that rabbit was even there, more so since at this point she just sat back and watched. Soon each strike with the crop only heightened my arousal....Master then started to use the crop with much more force. Somewhere within the hard cropping i was being given, the pain went from a little much to not enough. lol Well, sort was that type of subspace where the pain wasn't pain and the only thing i could focus on was what i was feeling. you know the space where you seem to forget who you are, you are just floating on all the sensations and your brain isn't working all the way? When i felt an orgasm approaching fast i do remember begging Sir to please go harder with the crop. He tells me that i was yelling and although i am sure that i did, i don't really remember being that loud, but then again i know i can get very loud when i cum for Him. (blush) When i begged for Sir to go harder, all i could feel was each strike propelling me harder and faster towards an orgasm. It is a little confusing really, what i was feeling. All i know is that Sir did see fit to grant my breathless request and very soon i was asking Sir if His slut may please have permission to cum for Him. i am very happy and thankful that Sir gave me permission because Cumming that hard left me feeling a little drained and after Sir untied me and i regained the better part of my senses i looked down at my thighs. i wasn't bothered by what i saw but rabbit looked a little surprised. my thighs were a dark red and already showing some bruising. Master decided it would be a good idea for everyone to take a break so rabbit went outside for a cigarette. All of us had a short discussion and it turns out that rabbit really was just surprised but still very willing to try bondage herself. she knew that Sir knew she wasn't at that level and that He wouldn't push her to that point. (One of Master's philosophies is to not push someone to the point where they have a bad experience, His goal is to leave someone wanting more - which He is good at if i may say so lol) After the discussion we all went back inside to Sir's bedroom where it would be rabbit's turn next.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Birthday Chronicles :: Kissed

Watching Master kiss rabbit did two things. One, it made me certain that i was not jealous that He was kissing her and two, i got very aroused. But really....this is Sir we are talking about, just Him alone turns me on to no end. It was lol i have always wondered what Master looked like when He was using or playing with me and after this weekend, having a camcorder around sounds like a good idea. (i have turned into such a perv, i love it lol) Anyways, after a minute or two Sir had us kissing....rabbit and i kissed for about 30 seconds, parted and then Sir asked us "Did I tell you both to stop kissing?" i murmured my apologies with a slight giggle and resumed kissing rabbit. However, after about another 30 seconds she and i could not contain the giggles that built into our chests. It was funny...not funny ha ha but omg i am doing this funny. Attack of the nerves i think. lol i remember Sir kneeling beside me and He started to kiss me....somewhere in the middle of it, He instructed rabbit to insert her fingers into my cu*t. That was a unique mind and body were so sensitive with arousal and anticipation that i started to lose myself in all the sensations. Then as Master was kissing me (quite passionately i might add ::grin::) He slid His hand up to my throat and squeezed. With that action i was gone.... His hand on my throat can easily send me into such a state of submission and arousal. Soo many things. i remember Him taking off the nipple clamps and i gasped into His mouth. It was that "hurt so good type of pain". He then released me and took off rabbits. i was expecting a reaction but the girl hardly flinched!! lol Sir made the comment about possibly using the clover clamps on her next time and i could not suppress a grin and neither could rabbit. Sir then instructed me to go and lay down on my back on the couch. When i got there i got into a comfortable position and then watched as Master drew rabbit near Him and just started to kiss her, sliding His hands up and down her body and play with her breasts. It took about 30 seconds and then arousal and desire just kicked in like a ton of bricks. i was entranced.....Sir is just so hot in my mind and just being allowed to experience something like that was amazing. i could hear rabbit's soft moans and watching her react was surreal in some ways. Surreal but very erotic and arousing. Soon Sir directed rabbit to the couch as well. When she was half laying against Him, Sir spread her legs slightly and started to slap her cu*t. This was something that rabbit expressed that she had experienced once before and wanted to try on a more intense level. Well Sir started out lightly while increasing the pressure each time (at least that is what is sounded like lol) Instead of her closing her legs (which i thought that she would do) she just laid back and thoroughly enjoyed what was happening. she became very aroused and a little flushed. From time to time, Sir would have me lean in and lick or suck on her nipples, run my hands up and down her body which caused even more arousal for me. i was in a high state of arousal the entire time and i loved what was going on. i do not remember exactly how it happened, but Sir had rabbit turn over for her first spanking ever. Goodness, that girl has a high pain tolerance! lol she did very well with her first spanking and surprised both Sir and i with how hard He was able to go. In the end she had two little bruises (one on each ass cheek) and a very cute, very pink ass. Every now and then Sir would have me lean over and kiss her ass in various spots....kissing overly heated skin was pretty fun. lol After all of various spankings and such were done, Sir told rabbit how proud of her He was, that He had fun spanking her and that He was happy that she was having a fun time so far. rabbit went to go do something and Sir led me into His bedroom. i stood at the end of His bed and He patted His lap, indicating He wanted me to place myself for a spanking. To be honest, i was very excited and was actually craving that type of interaction with Him. Being over His lap was calming.....i enjoyed the feeling of being there, knowing i was His. All the arousal and anticipation and some of the new things had left me feeling a bit "hyper". Not in a bad way but what can be a very calming influence from Sir and His Dominance was greatly thanked for. Somewhere in Sir spanking me i fell into sub-space and i faintly remember rabbit coming in to His room and Sir asking her to go and get His crop. He gave me a few swats with it and explained to rabbit that i was in sub-space and was processing erotic pain in a different way. Coming out of sub-space i felt a little cuddly but also a bit rambunctious yet very sleepy. It was almost 3am in the morning! lol So Sir undressed and rabbit put on pajamas (she hates feeling cold) and crawled into bed. So far a very interesting night and i thought how the coming days would go.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Birthday Chronicles :: Stripped

As rabbit looked through the entire bag of toys a few things stand out in my mind. One of them being that Sir ended up putting the nipple clamps aside. The other was a few of the things that Sir demonstrated on me at rabbit's request. Like a little bit of rope bondage with my hands tied behind my back. Sir put the mask on me again although this time, i was completely comfortable with it on (for the most i still got that shiver of anticipation but in a good way. i hope that the mask is something that Master and i will work with again. Another toy shown to rabbit was a new one for me as well. It was this leather arm binder that covered my hands and went up to almost my under arms. It laced up and had a ring on it so that my arms could be tied (in a fashion) to the ceiling in His dungeon. i liked it...a lot. lol Images of wearing the mask while also wearing the leather binder danced through my head and i thought my eyes were going to roll back into my head. Another thing that stands out in my head is rabbit saying that she was curious about one of the paddles Sir has. It is small-ish, black leather and has a heart shaped cut out on it. That way if Sir were to slap my ass with it, i would have a white heart against a red area. Fortunately, that did not get tried on me. i say that because it is something that Sir and i have tried before and neither one of us liked it very much. The feel of His hands do so much more than a paddle does...His hand is more intimate, arousing and in a way, more Dominating than a paddle. So i was a little relieved that is didn't get used. After all was said and done regarding the toy bag, Sir told me to stand up. i knew almost immediately that it was time for me to strip in front of rabbit for the first time. Sir directed me to where He wanted me to stand and told me to face them both. my heart was racing a little bit but i wasn't as nervous as i thought i would be. Instead i just felt anticipation and a desire to immerse myself in my submission to Sir. Something i wanted very much for rabbit to see. Taking off my clothes was a little nerve-wracking but since rabbit is a close friend i was okay with it. Seconds after i was naked, Sir spoke to rabbit about positions and what each one is used for. So He instructed me to do position 1, 2 and 3. Since rabbit is sooo very shy, Sir did not have me do the finish of pos.3 and instead moved onto 4, 5 and 6. Doing each one, even though rabbit was there, i felt myself just melt into each position concentrating on being graceful and pleasing Sir. After i had gone through each pos., it was then rabbit's turn to strip. i swear i could hear her heartbeat echo through out the room. lol But even though she was incredible nervous, she did oh so well. Sir was very proud of her and so was i. He and i both knew how hard it was going to be for her but for her first time she really pushed forward. Master had me get up and help her with each pos. Getting into each pos. correctly, how her back was arched, where her hands should go, everything. i enjoyed helping her....somewhere in everything, i had the thought that i was helping her please Sir, which made me very happy and focused. When it came to kneeling positions (4,5 and 6) i sat back down next to Master and just watched. Again she did very well with memorizing the pos. so quickly and i got to really look at her body while she went through the rest of the positions. Might i say here, she has a very cute ass? lol she does....Sir called it "very spank-able" ::grin:: her doing position 6 was interesting in it's self. Knowing how much that position means to me and the comfort it brings, i could not help but smile as she found a comfort level within the position. When rabbit was back to pos.5 Sir decided then to put nipple clamps on me....i remember when He put them on, i felt ready to stand up or sit down as quick as possible. lol i can't help it, nipple clamps act like a sure-fire leash of some sorts while arousing me at the same time. After mine were on, Master then turned to rabbit, stroked her nipples a couple of times and then put nipple clamps on her as well. rabbit barely flinched and it was the first tell tale sign that she would prove to have a very high pain threshold. Going through the toy bag, stripping, watching rabbit strip and then the nipple clamps left me in a state of mind full of curiosity mingled with arousal and anticipation. It was when Sir leaned in and began to kiss rabbit that i knew a very interesting night had begun in earnest.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Birthday Chronicles

i dug into my carry-on and grabbed the purple ribbon that was to go around rabbit's neck. Wrapping Sir's present in a manner of speaking. Putting it around her neck was exciting....i just couldn't wait to get off the plane. Getting off the plane, was as i predicted....rabbit and i were both jumping around on the inside, just for different reasons. she and i spoke on the plane and she had told me how nervous she was although she said she was also excited. As we walked through the airport, i was on the phone with Master and rabbit asked if she could stop and get a cup of coffee. (i was not Finally, she and i reached where i knew Sir was waiting and my heart rate sped up.....i was so happy to see Him and i felt like i was going to just burst from anticipation. Sure enough, there He was. Leaning against the wall looking undeniably sexy with that grin i have come to know so well. When i reached Sir, He gave me a hug and a kiss and then He turned to rabbit. i turned to watch Him embrace her and all i could do was smile. On the way to Sir's home, while in the truck he had rabbit sit between us. He and i both had our hands on rabbit's legs and kept stroking her from her knees to her upper inner thigh. After a little while of this, Master put her hand on my thigh and she had fun causing wonderful sensations. (it felt a little naughty for another women touching me semi-intimately....naughty but with Master watching, very erotic as well) However, i think that perhaps rabbit was a little too nervous to let herself become really aroused, although she did have lots of fun on the ride home. By the time all of us had reached Sir's house, i was very aroused and more comfortable with everything. We all went inside and after all the luggage had been put away neatly in Master's bedroom we all went into the kitchen to get dinner out. (Sir suggested that we stop by a restaurant for a to-go order....we were all a little hungry lol) Sir poured a glass of wine for everyone and we all went into the living room to eat, so we could sit around a roaring fire that Sir had started. i of course sat at Sir's feet and rabbit did the same. Lots of conversation and laughter ensued and Master even allowed us to look at a commercial He had been in when He was younger. (we all ended up either laughing or giggling, in a good way) The mood in the room became more relaxed although the tension from what rabbit and i knew would happen (her stripping) lingered. my main concern was that Sir was pleased and that He and rabbit were getting along and were having a good time with each other. After everyone had eaten, i asked Sir for permission to take the plates to the kitchen, so only the glasses of wine remained. It was when i returned that Master offered rabbit the opportunity to go through the entire toy bag and ask for anything to be demonstrated.....on me. lol i wasn't really surprised with that but i was a bit curious as to what could happen next.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

B'day Weekend

i'm baaaaack! lol This visit to Master proved to be most interesting.....rabbit explored some of her own boundaries and comfort zones by trying some very new things. Some of those would be bondage, erotic pain and stripping. i will get to the details later, promise. i got to try some things that were new and had a very wonderful and intense scene with Sir. rabbit and i brought Sir a gag gift of sorts (i'll tell you why i kind of considered it a gag gift) and He also had a gift for each of us! i felt a little bad about that since it was His birthday but i know that He had and will get pleasure out of the gifts He gave us so i feel lots better. What else...hmmmm. lol Quite a bit happened really and i can't wait to get it all written out. i am very happy that Sir told me from time to time to jot down notes, otherwise i might not remember it all...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birthday Visit

Finally, almost time to go!! Soon it will be Master's birthday and i love the idea of being able to visit Him to celebrate. Bringing rabbit as His present is the best. (i have NO clue what i am going to get Sir next year that will top this one-lol) i am soo excited with just a few touches of nervousness. rabbit is very nervous but she is excited as well. One thing that Sir suggested is that rabbit start an entry (for this blog) on the plane going to see Him....rabbit likes the idea and i think that her being able to write things out will help her absorb everything that happens. So expect to see her entry here in this blog. Lots of erotic (rabbit and i bought some massage oil just for the visit ::grin::), challenging, fun, nerve-wracking things to happen. This will be a wonderful visit i am sure and i cannot wait to see Sir again as well as rabbit cannot wait to meet Him. Other than that, i hope everyone stays well and i will write again in a few days!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


i had an entry all planned out, 90% written and everything. But however, i seem to have lost the steam to finish that entry and instead, have foraged forward with this one. Mainly having to do with slave thoughts and such. i have read many blogs, sampled quite a few for a short period of time and have even stuck with a few. But what is it that draws my attention so greatly to the select blogs that i read? Very true some of the scenes these other slaves describe make me aroused and sometimes reading them make me miss the r/t interaction with Master. But in the heart of it all, it is because we are all on the same journey. we have taken different paths, what we need and what we learn are different also. But it is the differences that binds us together as well as the similarities. we serve because that is what we love to fills a place within us and gives us great joy. we all have caring Masters that watch over us, guide us and when we falter, moves us in the right direction. we have surrendered ourselves to Them, not out of coercion or a "have to" mindset. we do so because it is our desire to do so. To give and feel that trust, that willingness to please, the comfort of our Masters arms if we cry and to hear the gentle pride in Their voice when we have given it our all. Those are just a few of the similarities. How we differ, we serve is different...the rules our Masters have and the consequences of breaking said rules also differs. What we as slaves enjoy, whether it be in serving or erotic pain is almost on a sliding scale. Who we are as people and how we see the world of course is different. But i think that the differences between us is also another reason why i love to read their blogs so much. Reading these other slave's blogs helps to sometimes put things into perspective. i have learned or thought about something in a different light because of reading them. i like reading how they are doing, what they have learned and how their dynamic is going. So in a way, i feel connected to those who also write....chances are i will never meet them or get to know them any deeper than i do now. But i am grateful that their words, thoughts and experiences are out there for others to read.

Monday, December 10, 2007

dirty talk

As i have journeyed down this path with Master, i have learned quite a few things about myself that i did not know. The newest one being that i like "dirty talk". Eeek. lol i figured that out when Master had taken me off restriction. However, i did not tell Him immediately but took the time to figure out (at least a little) if that was something that i enjoyed. Also i needed time to absorb that little bit of new information about myself. That was sooo hard to admit to Sir....i wasn't sure what He was going to think, or if it was something that He enjoyed doing. i know that He has experienced a great deal in this lifestyle and that not much surprises Him but for me, admitting that was a little hard. But Sir has always told me to tell Him what was going on in my head so i kept that in mind. i trust Sir with that information.....however nervous and shy i was about admitting that, i knew that He wouldn't laugh or anything like that. In fact He told me that He was proud of me for telling Him. So that is an avenue that Master is exploring with me right now and i must admit that i do enjoy it very much. It seems to tap into different parts of myself....when He tells me to say something i end up groaning or biting my lip out of arousal before i speak. i want to say these things but would normally not say anything at all. Sir gives me that space and the words to express the slut that belongs to Him. i lose myself in His voice, a sensual tone yet one that is also uncompromising. When He tells me to say something that gives me pause i have to reach into my submission to find the ability to say what He wants me to. Even though it is hard, i desire the words and i want to please Him. It is a different type of surrender....or maybe a deeper form. i haven't quite figured that out yet. i do know that Sir is the only person that has ever heard that part of me and even within the lust and arousal that flames through me, i cannot help but feel vulnerable and exposed to Him. It is intense in it's own way and, according to Master, brings out an intensity in me that He enjoys. So far this has been something that has been explored only over the phone and part of me cannot help but wonder that if it is intense over the phone, how it will be in r/l should it please Him to do so. The thought of the combination of His hands, His body, His voice so close to me, the feel of His Dominance and sensuality, mixed in with erotic pain and the words that could spill over my lips makes for a wonderful fantasy and i am already aroused, so i will sign off for now. Here's to happy dreams.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A rose by any other name

Just in case, for those of you that have not noticed, i used the term Master to refer to Sir quite often in my last entry. This is because Sir has instructed me to start using Master as well as Sir when referring about Him when speaking to someone. So now i have both titles i am allowed to use. Because of this i will no longer tack "my" onto "Master" either in writing or in speech. Writing has not been that difficult but since i have been given permission, i have used the title Master when i refer to Sir with rabbit. It felt different....not bad at all but different. At first i thought that verbally addressing Him as Master to others would be easy but breaking the habit of only calling Him Sir by this new addition of titles has been a little difficult thus far. It is one of those things i think will come more naturally with time. It is very nice though to be able to call Him Master to others. For me the strongest aspect of referring to Him as Master is that the word slave seems to flash in my head and serves as yet another reminder of the path i have chosen. It is another new thing i am learning to do. As this is Master's desire, i will endeavor to do my very best to please Him.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Allowance vs. Restriction

Being on restriction is very is something that i enjoy although it can get a little hard to do at times. Being off restriction is now more fun than it used to be. lol To Master took me off restriction for 2 weeks before He left on His trip. Way back when, whenever He took me off restriction, i didn't enjoy it that much. i think that that was partly due to the fact that i did not really know how to enjoy my body nor did i really take the time to masturbate fully. i used to be really nervous about being off restriction because i didn't really didn't know what to do with myself! lol Since Master has helped teach me (by making sure i did take my time by setting time limits for what i should do) how my body reacts and what it likes, i have come to enjoy masturbating much more than i used to. So when He took me of restriction this time, i took full advantage of it. i am not going to go into specifics but i will say i was masturbating every day (and sometimes twice a There were a few times that Sir decided to use me during that period of time, which always makes what He has me doing so much more pleasurable. i love being used by Master when He sees fit and i consider it a surprise and a privilege when ever He does so. Master tells me so casually to go to my room and grab my vibe that sometimes it takes me a moment to fully comprehend what He is most likely going to do. lol But i am wandering off topic. When He left for His trip i was back on restriction and oh goodness it got hard. i became accustomed to masturbating whenever i had the urge so having to repress that was not fun. There were times it felt like my body was begging for any type of sensation and my mind was wishing for Master to use me. Omg.... There was one time i took one of my "sexy" baths and i had to get out after only 10 minutes because of the urge to play with myself. i told Master this and i remember Him laughing over it...i pouted for about half a second and then my own voice joined His in laughter. It had been a while since i really had to use my submission not to masturbate and i felt tested at times. But i did as Master wanted me to do and i am happy that i did.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A lesson revisited

Last night Sir had me add an additional aspect to my nightly ritual. He also instructed me to write a letter to Him telling of how the events unfolded. After reading it He decided i should share it with my readers. So below is my letter to Sir.

Good morning Sir,
The additional task You gave me went well tonight. It took a minute to get it in....i tried to rush it and ended up feeling stretched in a way that was not too pleasant. ::grin:: May i say here Sir, thank You for giving me this task to do so that i may be prepared for this upcoming visit? Well i slowed down (a lot) and that seemed to help. i hope that this is okay Sir, but once i got it in, i took a minute to sit and breath. i tried to feel the fullness of the plug and become accustomed to it. To be honest, it wasn't very has been a while since i have used the plug and moving around seemed to make it worse. lol i did focus on my submission quite a bit though Sir, something i hope pleases You to hear. i did get used to the full feeling from the plug though by the time i finished my
positions...i think that with more practice it will cease to be a problem at all. Pos. 1 and 2 went very well.....pos.3 made me feel a little exposed and even though i was alone, i took a breath before finishing pos.3 Sir. i couldn't help It just felt a bit nerve wracking, more so since at that time i had a picture of You in my head. Once i left pos.3 and went into pos.4 i felt a bit more....well....less giggly. Pos. 5 was interesting....the pressure from sitting about drove me crazy Sir. lol Goodness. i made myself stay still because i had started to wiggle around, trying to find a way for the plug to become more comfortable but to no avail. It reminded me of driving with the plug in Sir, which made me smile. Pos.6 was the most comfortable out of all of them Sir. Which i think is partly because i love that position and usually whenever i use the plug i am in that position and i stay there. So that went beautifully i think Sir. Pos.7 was....hmmmm. lol Having the plug in with my legs raised up put a different type of pressure from the plug. Almost like it was being pushed down on, even though it wasn't. It wasn't as obvious once i started to breath deeply although imaging doing that in front of You with the plug in caused a nervous giggle Sir. Position 8 was fairly easy although going into pos. 9 was pretty cool really. Again with the pressure being different Sir. Having my back bent at that angle seemed to once again push the plug in further, i at least knew there was no way it was going to come out. Sir. lol By the time i was in pos. 6, the plug stopped being really uncomfortable....the fullness still felt a little a good way, but still very different. i was able to focus on my submission and let that calmness over take me, even though part of me was focused on the plug as well. Overall though, i did have fun with it Sir. Even had a few giggles and was also reminded me of my submission when the plug felt really uncomfortable.
When i went into pos.6 for my meditation i thought that i would become fully accustomed to the plug being in my ass Sir. But even staying still the constant fullness would throw me off guard. There was even one time i would have liked to take it out Sir. But i didn't so i am happy about that. While meditating, i thought of my submission and how far i have come so far in this journey. Everything i have learned and how much there is still to learn about and experience Sir. i thought about this upcoming visit and how it may push my submission but how it will strengthen it as well. i thought about everything that was going to happen and then i started to get aroused Sir. lol i am sorry, it just kind of happened. Well, then the plug was a little uncomfortable but in a great way Sir. Omg...part of me felt stretched in a way i hadn't been in a while and the other part of me wanted to move the plug in and out. i did not masturbate Sir but i thought that this observance was interesting. i knew that the plug may not feel that great if i were to move it but it still sounded like good idea. Almost like that good type of pain Sir? i don't know....normally if i think that something won't feel that great, i won't do it to myself unless You instruct me to. But this time, i thought that the idea sounded pretty good. i am a little confused i think, wondering where that train of thought came from during my meditation. May i ask You for Your insight Sir? After finishing my meditation i took the plug out, washed and put it away and then sat down to type. Although i did grab something small to eat Sir. So here i am, almost done with this letter, hoping that it has put a smile on Your face Sir. i know i feel happy with tonight and relaxed.