Wednesday, December 12, 2007


i had an entry all planned out, 90% written and everything. But however, i seem to have lost the steam to finish that entry and instead, have foraged forward with this one. Mainly having to do with slave thoughts and such. i have read many blogs, sampled quite a few for a short period of time and have even stuck with a few. But what is it that draws my attention so greatly to the select blogs that i read? Very true some of the scenes these other slaves describe make me aroused and sometimes reading them make me miss the r/t interaction with Master. But in the heart of it all, it is because we are all on the same journey. we have taken different paths, what we need and what we learn are different also. But it is the differences that binds us together as well as the similarities. we serve because that is what we love to fills a place within us and gives us great joy. we all have caring Masters that watch over us, guide us and when we falter, moves us in the right direction. we have surrendered ourselves to Them, not out of coercion or a "have to" mindset. we do so because it is our desire to do so. To give and feel that trust, that willingness to please, the comfort of our Masters arms if we cry and to hear the gentle pride in Their voice when we have given it our all. Those are just a few of the similarities. How we differ, we serve is different...the rules our Masters have and the consequences of breaking said rules also differs. What we as slaves enjoy, whether it be in serving or erotic pain is almost on a sliding scale. Who we are as people and how we see the world of course is different. But i think that the differences between us is also another reason why i love to read their blogs so much. Reading these other slave's blogs helps to sometimes put things into perspective. i have learned or thought about something in a different light because of reading them. i like reading how they are doing, what they have learned and how their dynamic is going. So in a way, i feel connected to those who also write....chances are i will never meet them or get to know them any deeper than i do now. But i am grateful that their words, thoughts and experiences are out there for others to read.