Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Waddling can be fun

Today Sir gave me a task to do for Him. i had some things to do with work stuff today and Sir had me bring my butt plug and lube with me in my purse. After completing all the things associated with work i was to insert the plug. i then was to go to the "toy" store and buy a new egg vibe and a new butt plug, one size bigger than the one i have now. When i got home i was to take out the plug and write Sir telling Him that i was home. Well now for the good parts. lol
It has been a while since Sir has given me a task like this so i was pretty excited to do this for Him. Knowing that the plug was in my purse made me smile and i felt the thrill of anticipation run through me. It had been a while since i used my butt plug and i wasn't sure if it being in there for possibly a long period of time was going to be easy. i was at the mall when i finished my errands so i went into the bathroom to put it in and i realized that i needed to pee. i still have to strip whenever i use the restroom so i stripped in the bathroom stall. Even though i had done this before, it had been a while since I completely stripped in a public bathroom and memories of doing it for the first time came back. lol So i was in the bathroom, naked, with a butt plug in my purse and i was nervous. The same feeling of possibly getting caught, the urge to pull my clothes on quickly and the omg mind set...everything hit at once and i wanted to giggle so badly. To make matters worse the bathroom was full of people. lol So i inserted the butt plug (it took a little longer to do than usual) put my clothes back on and washed my hands. i was wearing pants and underwear so i wasn't nervous about it feeling like it was falling out, but as always, i felt like i was waddling a little bit. lol i went into my car, sat down and was instantly reminded why driving with a butt plug in is a bit nerve wracking. i kept shifting my weight and was so happy to get to the "toy" store. lol i wasn't nervous about walking in there like last time, if anything i looked at a few items around the vibes and plugs and wondered what Sir's opinion of some of these things would be. i managed to find another egg vibe but i couldn't find a plug that was bigger than mine. Trust me when i say mine isn't all that big, so i was a little surprised that i could not find one. After purchasing the egg vibe i got back into my car, shifted around some more and drove home as i was instructed. When i got home, i needed to use the restroom once again so i stripped before taking out the plug. That was a little uncomfortable to do to be honest but i still enjoyed it. i will admit that having the plug in also got me pretty aroused and a couple of times my mind started to fall into the submissive gutter but i managed to pull myself out. Now i am blushing. lol i then of course washed my hands and the plug before putting it safely back into my drawer. i took a deep breath, signed onto my messenger and Sir messaged me to say hello and we briefly discussed my day so far. We did not have much time to speak with one another but i told Sir that i would write about this task as soon as i could.
Overall i would have to say that the experience as a whole wasn't extremely trying of my submission to Sir, but rather more of a wonderful reminder. As i said, with everything that has happened lately, getting sick, changing jobs, it has been a while since i was given a task like this by Sir and it felt very good to do. i guess sometimes even i need a "refresher course". From excitement, anticipation, nervousness, getting the giggles to being a little uncomfortable in my car, were all reminders. i will say that doing this task also sort-of centered me a bit. i have been feeling a little off with everything since i got sick, but doing this for Sir brought back quite a few memories, definite feelings of submission and a smile to my face. It is amazing how something so small, such as wearing a butt plug out in public, can remind someone of 101 things all at once. For the rest of the day my mind wandered to Sir and to my submission to Him. How it has grown, become stronger and more beautiful with increasing understanding and depth. Even though it may be something small, it always gives me great pleasure to serve Sir and do as He instructs me to. Since i was not able to find a bigger plug today, Sir is sending me out tomorrow to try again, with another task from Him. The really interesting part is that He gave me the same task He gave dallas, so she and i will be doing identical tasks tomorrow. i am sure Sir will enjoy reading each of our perceptions on this task. Yet another thing for me to look forward to tomorrow and i know i will be thanking Sir once again for the task that He gave me. Don't worry...i will write about it, i promise.