Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back to Sir

i am going to go and see Sir again very soon and i can hardly wait!! This visit is looking to be very interesting indeed. lol Sir has not been too specific and i think that is adding to my anticipation and well....nervousness. Nervousness in a good way i think. What i do know what will happen this visit is this. Sir has told me that He is having strong thoughts on this visit being an intense M/s weekend....more adherence to protocol and such. Sir has also informed me that He will be doing more complicated and challenging bondage, more predicament bondage, continuing with the golden showers training, going through my positions, exploring with more stingy erotic pain (from the flogger He hasn't used on me yet and the cane) and more photography. Wow....what a list. lol Gives a slave a lot to think about. lol When it comes to more challenging bondage scenarios, i am really excited about doing that albeit a little nervous. As i have said before, i love bondage and it is arousing for me but at the same time i have no clue what Sir will do when He gets me that way. Nor in this situation do i know what type of ties He will be doing or for how long. With the golden showers training, Sir has plans to directly piss in my mouth and let it run out so i don't have to swallow....yet. lol Even though this is something that does make me a bit nervous it is also something i know i am ready for. With the flogger....well it is one that Sir hasn't used on me yet. From what He tells me it has a much more stingy effect than His other two as well as He using the cane. i think the only way to describe what i am feeling is nervous anticipation....quite a bit actually. The past few visits, i kinda already knew about how many cane strokes i was going to receive but with this visit i don't. With the photography..again with i have no idea what Sir has planned, although i can say that all of the pictures He has taken have been tasteful, pretty and erotic. So no worries there really. As for my positions....well let me just say that i cannot wait to do them for Sir. i have said many times that i love the feeling of submission doing them for Sir gives me and i love knowing that the way i am positioned pleases Him very much. So much subbie goodness with that happening. There have been quite a few times that Sir has either told me what was going to happen or sent me a list of some sort and every time i have gotten one my heart rate would speed up a bit imagining how it was going to be. i had time to wrap my head around some of the things that He had listed (like with golden showers and the chamber pot) This time i have a list but it is vague, leaving me feeling nervous, excited, very curious and wondering what will happen. Overall i am excited yet a little nervous about this trip....a definite feeling of anticipation. lol Sir also has plans for us to go out and watch a movie and possibly a couple of other things. i am truly looking forward to that as well....just spending time in the company of my Master doing vanilla things is something that i have come to cherish and look forward to in between of all the BDSM activities Sir likes to do. One aspect of this visit that i am looking forward to is the fact that Sir has decided that it will be just Him and i this weekend. As much as we love hanging around our friends, i agree with Sir when He says some private time is in order. To be honest, it has been a while since Sir and i had a quiet weekend with just the two of us. Of all the things i am looking forward to this weekend i think one of the things i am really looking forward to is the simple act of hopping off the plane and into His arms yet again. The simple things in life are usually the best and His hugs are definitely high on the list.