Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dinner at M and k's Part 3 the final entry. lol How the subject came up i am not sure really but k came out holding a strap on with a purple dildo attached. i will admit i was very intrigued and actually held it for a moment or two. Then Sir decided that i should try it on. Omg...i hopped from foot to foot once i recovered from shock. lol i was so nervous and for some reason my mind was in a state of denial....that whole..i know this isn't happening....i can't believe this is happening....oh goodness this really IS happening- thing. lol i was wide eyed and giggling like crazy as k helped me put it on.....after she had tightened it so it wouldn't fall off, i looked down......and laughed. i couldn't help it....for some reason seeing a dildo protruding from my body did not look right and i found it rather funny. Sir even got a couple of pics that are SO funny to look at. lol i kept looking down and looking up while Sir, M and even k got a good laugh at my disbelief. After a few minutes i adjusted (somewhat) and was able to look down without giggling. Well then (because of my nervousness, i think) i got a little cocky (no pun intended) and brave and joked to k how i would like to fu*k her with it. That was sheer bravado on my part....not seriously meant....well not wholly serious anyways. What can i say....i was a little curious. lol Sir told me later that He was surprised that i said that....surprised and pleased at the same time. Well...M told k to let me fu*k her....right in front of both of Them!! When k went to the bathroom and my smile quickly turned into a wide eyed look of "Omg this is SO not happening right now" i tried to explain to Sir that i was just joking...i didn't mean it. i will admit i was pleading...but Sir was smiling. He asked me if i was backing down on something i said i would do. That put a little starch in my spine, but not enough. lol Had i been given the choice, i wouldn't have done it to be honest. k came out of the bathroom and soon i saw what she was carrying.....lube. k rubbed the lube on the dildo and i think i Sir and M settled back to enjoy the show as i knelt behind k. i was in total shock for the third time that night. All i could think was "Omg....i'm behind k...with a strap on on...and Sir and M are watching....i have NO idea what i am doing.....what i am supposed to do with THIS?? Oh god....there's lube on the dildo.....i can't believe i am going to do this.....please don't let me suck at this" lol i am not sure where that last thought came from.......probably that inherent desire to do something well. As i started to fu*k k, it seemed like she was enjoying herself and i found myself having fun as well. i must admit, knowing that Sir was like, two feet away, watching did hit an erotic point with me. After a few minutes of experimenting with various speeds and strength, Sir got behind me with a crop!! i loved that and i think k did as well. i had my hand in her hair and every time Sir would strike me with the crop i would end up thrusting forward harder and pulling her hair rougher. The whole thing felt a little surreal....although i suppose if you are doing something you have never done before and it pushes your boundaries i suppose that that is understandable. After all was said and done i asked Sir for permission to take it off and i was relieved to have it off to be honest. Fu*king k with the strap-on was something i definitely would not have done on my own volition...i am way too shy and that was a boundary i had not even touched on before. Doing it because Sir told me to was a completely different matter. i had lots of fun but still..again with the shyness factor. Doing something like this made me pull on my submission greatly......fu*king k, albeit fun, forced me to move beyond my shyness, beyond my normal realm of behavior. Not only was i pushed past my boundaries and comfort level, i did so with someone other than Sir watching. Eeeek! lol i look back at that night and i many new things and the entire night was very fun. With my new knowledge i can't help but admire Sir's endurance (and coordination) whenever He fu*ks me, knowing now what it is like to have a cock, even fake, is definitely tiring and a lot harder than it looks. The good news is that it really is a good workout for your abs. lol Overall the entire evening was amazing...Sir had me do things i have never done before, like being flogged by k, falling into subspace in front of others and not only putting on a strap-on but using it as well. my submission to Sir was greatly used in different ways and the fact that i had pleased Him made my night. i think i have learned not to joke about doing something unless i'm ready to follow through. lol Amazing what one can learn and experience in one evening.