Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is an entry of a different type. This is an entry about the 110 cane strokes i earned and how it also wound up pushing my Master's boundaries as well. This all started with the length of time between our visits and my horrendous habit of putting my nails into my mouth. Well Sir saw to correct this by having me write Him everyday and telling Him how many times i did. Each time i put my nails into my mouth counted as one cane stroke. By the time i finally stopped putting my nails into my mouth, i had earned 110 cane strokes. Sir decided to split up the number in between the number of days of my time Sir joked about giving them to me all at once and i about went in to Lots of nervous giggles with that suggestion. Day one went rather well with me receiving 20-25 cane strokes and by day three i had received about 70 cane strokes. Well i am sure you can imagine the amount of bruises i had, all of them ranging from the top of my ass to the back of my thighs. On Friday though, Sir informed me while we were out at dinner that i would not be receiving any cane strokes that night. i was a bit confused at first but Sir explained to me that He had pushed one of His own limits the night before while caning me. To sum it up, with all the bruises i had and the increased sensitivity, He was pushing me beyond the realm of erotic pain which hit on His own limit of Sadism. In some ways i felt mixed about that. i was very honored to serve Him in that manner while at the same time, i was briefly worried about Him being uncomfortable doing so. But i also knew that Sir would draw the line where He saw fit and that He wasn't going to do what He didn't want to. That made me feel better so i was just left with the happy feeling of being there the way Sir wanted me to be, which is something that i greatly desired to do. To be there for His use if and when Sir decided to push His own limits or explore them to a greater depth. i was right with these thoughts because only one day was missed and the very next day Sir gave me an additional 20 strokes. Sir had once asked me to define being a slave. i told Him the best thing i could give Him by being His slave would be the opportunity to allow Him to explore his own boundaries. i am made very happy and honored that i was able to do so.

Also on the subject of canings, Sir and i also tried a different position...instead of me bracing myself against the wall, i was laying on Sir's bed. i must admit that it did feel hurt more or at least it seemed like it. i think it may have to do with when your muscles are tightened, impacts sometimes are not felt as much vs when the muscles are relaxed. At least i think that may be it anyways. lol After about 3 or 4 cane strokes i missed being against the wall....i couldn't really move or jump since i was laying flat and all i could do was clutch His comforter. It was still rather fun and interesting to experience caning in a different position. Although, still, i think i prefer the wall to be honest. Again, with this visit i was able to open up and express to Sir when something hurt instead of me remaining silent the whole time. Sir gave me a choice one time between the bed or the wall......Sir has told me that i am not good at answering multiple choice questions and sure enough that time wasn't any different. lol So Sir made up my mind for me and had me brace myself against the wall. By the time Sir was about done caning me that time however, i think i may have started to fall into sub-space because i can't remember making much noise or moving that least at the end of the caning. lol Overall i received 90 of my 110 strokes with the cane and Sir said that was close enough.
The canings i earned turned out to be an experience for both my Master and i. i was broken of the bad habit of nail biting and more importantly (in my opinion) Sir decided to push His own limits. Who knows what will be learned in the future?