Monday, September 3, 2007

A B'day Spanking with M & k

This entry is about the night Sir and i went to M and k's house for dinner. However, dinner was not the only thing that occurred. But i am getting ahead of myself once again, so let me start at the beginning. Sir and i had made plans with M and k a few weeks earlier and it was something that all of us were looking forward to. Sir and i have never been to their house and let me say the decor was beautiful. It was like walking into a harem, i kid you not. Very colorful and beautiful and themed. After k had given the tour around the house, the bottle of wine Sir had brought was opened as well as another bottle of wine that M and k had. Sir prefers reds, k prefers white and M likes certain brands of beer. So it was a pretty even mix. We all sat around talking for a bit and k went into the kitchen and i asked Sir for permission to help k if she needed it. He gave permission so i went and offered help as well as had a few minutes of "girl" talk. k noticed my new collar the moment i walked in the door and new what it meant, but now she was able to get a closer look. she loved it and said it was very beautiful and asked me a few questions which had me giggling. It would seem k already has the ability to ask those sorts of question that push my shyness button. lol So she and i brought out the appetizers while everything was still cooking. she sat on the floor next to M and since Sir was on the couch, i took my place on the floor next to His feet. After eating and more conversation i helped k bring out dinner and more conversation ensued. Well after dinner had been cleared away, Sir told me to stand up and told me to strip. lol Part of me was not surprised. So i stripped and in a short period of time i had been told to crawl around. Actually crawled into M and k's dungeon (cold hard floors- lol) and got into a discussion about positions so Sir had me do a few including one that k was describing. At one point in time Sir had me go and sit next to k, where i got to play with M and k's masochist cat. lol That cat loves to be spanked...go figure. The last time Sir had me go and sit next to k i felt a little weird about it...not in a bad way it was just really different than sitting next to Sir. Well this time when Sir told me to go and sit next to k, i didn't feel uncomfortable or weird about it....k is someone i consider a friend so there was none of the this-is-a-bit-odd feeling like last time. Well the comment that my visit was also in celebration of my birthday came up and k asked me what i had wanted for my birthday. i looked at Sir and simply asked "Sir, may i?" Sir said to go ahead so i looked at k and said, "you to get naked" lol i then made the comment that i didn't want to be the only one naked..and i think every one got a laugh out of that. Well M told k to go ahead and strip, so i got to see k naked. Yay me! After she had stripped, Sir brought up my birthday spanking and said that He had the idea that M and k help Him with that by everyone giving me 8 whacks each for a total of 24. i got a bit nervous with that and asked Sir if i may please have a glass of wine before this happens. That was the first time i have ever drunk wine that quickly but i am pretty sure that Sir knew how nervous i was....this was the first time that i would be spanked by someone other than Him. Someone made the comment about how hard to spank me and k said something to the effect that she could spank me hard enough for me to definitely feel it. i responded by saying that she could try. lol Omg, the wine went to my head and i think i started to develop foot in mouth syndrome. Well Sir looked at little shocked as well as M and k...although i think all of us laughed a little at my impromptu challenge of sorts. k brought out this round footstool and had me lay over is so my head was over the edge on one side and at the other side my ass was at a pretty nice angle. i was instructed to count (out loud) each smack and thus i received my first spanking from someone other than Sir. The spanking k gave me wasn't too bad and she started to go a bit harder at the end of the spanking. Then M was up and i tensed up for just a second before mind seems to greatly distinguish the difference between a female spanking me vs a male spanking. M did spank me harder than k did though and when He was done i will admit that my ass was rather warm. lol After i received my spanking from M, Sir instructed me to crawl to Him (He was sitting on the couch) and over His lap for the rest of my birthday spanking. i love placing myself over Sir's lap for His use.... doing so in front of M and k actually didn't feel weird. The instant Sir gave me His instructions, it was almost like M and k faded away..sort of. i knew that they were there and intently watching, but my mind was focused on Sir. i laid down across His lap and, like last time, Sir went as hard as He knew i could handle. Which, to be honest, was quite a bit harder than M or k went. Even k later told me that she was like, "wow", (in a good way) with how hard Sir spanked me. Well i was in one of my favorite places (maybe i should make a list lol) with Sir doing something He and i both enjoy very very much and as with M and k, i had to count each stroke. Around stroke 6 or 7 i felt that calmness of sub-space come over me...but i did manage to say the remaining smacks before i sunk into subspace. i remember Sir smacking my ass and the back of my thighs and k saying how relaxed i was (or something like that) as Sir continued to spank me. i loved every minute of it. After He was done He ran His hands over me a couple of times and petted my hair. i slowly came out of sub-space still in Sir's lap, grinning and making the comment of how hot my ass was. lol So far dinner at M and k's was very fun and the evening (in some ways) had just started. The rest of this will be in part 2 and i promise to write soon.