Thursday, September 27, 2007

Intensity: Pushed

i jumped when the crop hit my only stung a little, but it definitely surprised me. Even though i had laid on His bed limp and warm, i was still fully out of the sub space the spanking had put me in. After that initial stroke, i relaxed back into the comforter and Sir resumed hitting me with the crop. Just as He did with the spanking, Sir went harder, faster. my ass was sensitive from the spanking and i know i was squirming and cringing. Each slap stung more than the last...i was not used to Sir pushing me this hard. In the past, most of the scenes haven't been very long but this was proving to be longer than i was used to. As i tried to relax and breath through each one, finding subspace was harder to do than usual. Sir had to tell me to breath and relax a couple of times....He could tell i was struggling a bit. At the sound of His voice, something in me would brain would latch onto His voice and i would follow His instructions to breath. But there were a couple slaps with the crop that made me grit my ass was starting to really sting in a couple of places and when He hit those spots just right i thought i was going to jump off the bed. lol i was split in two...part of me loved it and the other part was wondering when it would end. Within a few minutes though i was back into sub-space...floating on all the sensations of the crop slapping roughly against my now very sensitive flesh. After i had fallen again into sub-space Sir pulled out the vibe and brushed it against my clit, teasing me and making my arousal jump up. The vibe pulled me out of sub-space and i started...well not yelling but perhaps squealing loudly. lol With the re-introduction of high arousal, my head was spinning. Spanking, sub-space, arousal, crop, sub-space, arousal.....things were going slowly yet too fast for me to adjust quickly. i was kneeling on my knees, like in pos.6...which seemed to intensify the situation and all the sensations with the vibe. Again, i got lost in what Sir was having me feel.......when Sir turned off the vibe and told me not to move, my eyes were almost rolling back into my head. i heard Sir once again walk around the bed and i honestly thought that He was done....that He had used me as much as He wanted to and was just going to let me stay there and relax. However, i felt the cool hardness of the cane on the back on my thighs and my eyes snapped open. Very slowly and gently Sir ran the cane against my heated thighs and all i could think was "" as a shiver ran through my body.