Sunday, September 16, 2007

Long Distance Dynamic

i know it has been a few days since i have written, but i have been waiting for inspiration to hit. There were a few things that i had an idea to write about, but thinking it and writing it are two different things. It was a conversation with a sub that gave me an idea. As i am sure a lot of you have been wondering, how do Sir and i make a long distance dynamic work? i get that question from subs all the time. lol Most people would simply say, hard work, communication and honesty. That is all very true and important. A few people may mention words such as dedication and patience. That is very true also. i think (for me anyways) what it boils down to is the connection we have in our dynamic and desire. The strength of my submission when we are apart is really measured by me doing my daily tasks and rituals, every single day. The connection we have i do not think can be measured, only felt. Others have caught a glimpse of our interaction with each other but not many. If we did not have that connection, i do not think our dynamic would work, let alone last. Now to desire....yes physical desire is a part of our dynamic, but the desire that i am speaking of is the desire to serve and please my Master. i have said plenty of times that i have no desire to interact with other Doms unless instructed to by Sir and i still mean that fully. If i didn't have that drive, that desire, i don't think our dynamic wouldn't really be what it is. Although it is very hard at times to live so far away from Him, it is very interesting and always intense in a certain way when i do get to see Him. When we are apart, my submission is a part of my world (here) with about one hundred other things. It is the balance in my vanilla life that is maintained. However, when i step onto the plane, 99% of my world here fades away and instead of my world revolving around everything at once, my world revolves around Sir and our dynamic. i love to serve Sir very much and sometimes it takes me a day or two to get back into "the groove" of my home, work and personal life. At first this was a little hard, switching my mindset back and forth but it has gotten much easier to do. If anything, when i am sad to leave, i look back and reflect on my visit with Sir and look forward to the next. Being long distance is not easy, there are times i wish i could just ask Him for permission to simply drive over and i know it isn't always easy on Sir either. But with a lot of communication on both our parts, it isn't as hard as i know it could be. i think i am very lucky, even though i may not live close to Sir, He always tries to get me down there to see Him as often as possible...which is actually quite often considering how far away we are from each other and the fact that we both work and such. But even though it isn't always easy, the joy i get from knowing i am His, that feeling of "right" i get from being allowed to serve and please Him and the never ending desire to have my submission used, stretched and strengthened by Sir makes it worth it, every single day. So i guess really what i am saying is the way Sir and i make a long distance dynamic work is....well....because we make it work. Even if it is hard at times, it is again, (for me) so very worth, every single minute.


James said...

But, are you making plans to move in with him at some point in the future? That's certainly what I would recommend...