Saturday, September 29, 2007

Intensity: Breached

As i felt the coolness of the cane oh so very gently touch the back of my thighs, it took me a moment to fully realize what it was. After the omg shock had worn off, i was hit with a nice dose of eroticism. Actually, i was hit with a myriad of emotions. The smoothness of the cane, how cool it felt against my heated thighs and how slowly my Master moved it back and forth across them made me very aroused. Then there was a part of me that knew how much the cane could much it probably would hurt. was hard....part of me wanted the caning so bad i could almost taste it while the other part of me was so apprehensive. That part of me would have been okay with Sir not giving me the caning.....part of me was a little panicked. i was being pushed and i knew (by this time) that i was going to be pushed even farther. As fast as that emotion hit, it was gone. Very similar to the first time Sir tied me up. my submission to Sir calmed me.....don't get me wrong i was still plenty nervous. lol It is just that i also knew that He was there, watching over me and that He was going to be there afterward. All of these emotions went through in the span of a minute or less. When i felt the cane leave my body, i tensed up. It wasn't that i was trying just happened. Well i relaxed immediately and then i felt the cane hit my thighs. A hard and quick whack that might have made my knees buckle if i was standing. Sir probably didn't hit me as hard as it felt but by this time, i was sooo sensitive and getting sore. With each cane stroke, my body would lean onto the bed, seeking solace from the cane strokes and then back up again as i have been trained to do. But oh goodness it got so hard to do. i was at the point where each cane stroke would blend into the next and it seemed never ending. my whole ass was on fire and i was starting to dread each cane stroke. The thoughts that were running through my head were various ones. Going from, "oh please no more" to "the only reason why i am doing this is because this is something my Master wants" to "i am Your slave Sir". As the caning continued, i felt myself getting closer and closer to that emotional edge. Sir told me "it is okay for you to cry" but for some reason, the first time He said it, it kind of flew over my head. However, with my forehead against His comforter, body slightly shaking, He struck again with quite a bit of force. i let out a choked cry and tried to push away the tears. i wanted to cry because it hurt, i wanted to cry because even though it hurt, i wanted to hurt for Him, i wanted to please Him even though what was happening was difficult. Sir stopped for just a second and said to me in such a gentle yet firm voice, "let go baby, it's okay for you to cry" The tears started to gather in my eyes, He gave a couple more strokes and by the time He had put the cane up the tears had started to fall. Sir sat on the bed and drew me to Him, putting my head in His lap and gently stroking my hair. He spoke from time to time, saying that it was okay to let it out and that He was there. The tears i cried weren't big heaving sobs and they didn't last more than a couple of minutes but they were there. (In the past, normally only a tear (maybe two) would come out and then i would compose myself. Tearing down walls isn't easy to do.)The comfort He gave me, while my emotions were a little haywire and my body still in pain was amazing. i felt open and exposed to Sir and i loved it. Even though getting there was hard, crying for Sir felt right and okay to do. Once i stopped fighting the tears it wasn't that hard and it happened naturally. (amazing what the mind can do) After i had composed myself, Sir had me body and a slightly chilled house makes for a bad mix sometimes. Well we went into His living room and chatted for a few minutes and then Sir grabbed a blanket, laid down on the couch and pulled me down to Him. It was still raining outside as we laid side by side on His couch.....i fell asleep in His arms....feeling calm, cherished and so happy knowing that i had pleased Him. Such an interesting, wonderful morning.