Monday, September 24, 2007


"What would You like for me to wear on the plane Sir?" i asked, waiting to hear the usual short skirt or dress reply. "Wear your jeans and a nice top" Sir said. "Whaaaaat? Huh? skirt? Why? i don't understand....jeans? Okay...jeans it is....think of a nice top that will go well with jeans...." That is what i was thinking after Sir told me to wear jeans instead of a skirt or dress onto the plane. Now, although i am sure you don't know, every time i have gone to see Sir i have been instructed to wear a skirt or dress. It is the norm and in a way, a routine. So Sir telling me to wear jeans had me very confused. lol i know that it is only a piece of clothing, nothing major really, but it had effectively swung me off balance and added to my nervousness and anticipation. Amazing what the small stuff can do. i think that because it is out the routine i am used to is why i found myself turning the idea around in my head. i asked Sir why He wanted me to wear jeans and His only reply was "Because I want you to." Very calmly spoken, with a hint of a smile in His voice. i am pretty sure He heard and felt my confusion. Fast forwarding a bit.... By the time i stepped off the plane however, i wasn't worried about it and had just accepted it for what it was. Sir wanted me to wear pants, simple as that. After Sir had picked me up, i got big hugs and a kiss and off we went out the airport. When we got to His truck, Sir opened the door and before i could get in, He told me to take off my pants. my only reaction was "huh??' lol. To cover my shock, i asked Sir if i may please take off my shoes first and He gave me permission. Now taking of a skirt or dress can be done very quickly....but taking off pants....that takes a little bit longer. Probably only about 5 more seconds but 5 seconds can feel like a long time when you are bent over in public with your ass and cu*t showing to the whole world....or in my case, the whole parking lot. lol i calmly took off my pants (well as calmly as i could anyways) Sir was grinning and i got into the truck. He did have me cover my legs with my jacket before we left though and i thought that was rather nice of Him. As we got onto the highway Sir had me remove the jacket and spread my legs a little wider than they already were...which made me giggle on the outside and made my anticipation level rise on the inside. Sir started to play with me, switching between rubbing my clit and fingering my cu*t. first i was very nervous about Him doing that....although i am an exhibitionist, i still get nervous about stuff like that. But in a couple of minutes, i just kind of let go and felt all the sensations Sir was giving example of me using my submission to completely relax even when i felt a little fact, i think the chance of being caught actually raised my arousal a bit. Within a few minutes, i was moving around, moaning, is where my submission to Sir also allows me the freedom to be His slut and not feel any shame in doing so. (i actually did that quite a bit this visit) i am allowed to thoroughly enjoy whatever He does to me, my arousal is a result of His attentions. The only thing that i was really focusing on was Sir and the feel of His hand, the sound of His voice and just His presence really. By the time He was done using me to the extent that He wanted to i was about half out of mind with arousal and desire. When we got to where we were going, Sir had me put my pants back on and we soon headed back to His home. Overall a very interesting and fun way to kick off the weekend. The whole visit was different in many ways and Sir greatly (at least i think so) expanded upon many of the things we have done in the past. He pushed my submission, my limits and my tolerance for erotic pain. Some of it was hard to do, yet there were many "rewards" as well and i even learned something new about myself during this visit. Lots of fun and i will write more soon.