Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dinner with M & k part 2

Well continuing from my last entry, this is more of the night at M and k's house. Soon after my birthday spanking, we were all talking about different type of toys and implements and M and k said that k had bought a flogger made of rubber. i was interested in it when k told me that it had a thuddy and stingy sensation to it. i thought that that was interesting since "stingy" sensations usually make me aroused and "thuddy" ones send me into subspace rather easily. Well M went into the dungeon and got it out and showed it to Sir and i. i actually held it and i was a little surprised at how heavy it was. i suppose that is because it was made out of rubber and had wide straps. M was joking around and said something to the effect of how tired He was from having to go all the way into the dungeon to get the flogger and i looked at Him and said (smiling) "aww and that was SO hard". The look on Sir's and M's face was priceless for about a split second and then i seriously thought i was dead. Sir had the look of shock and not the funny kind either....more like a what-the-hell-did-you-just-say kind of look while M's mouth hit the floor. These are an explanation of the thoughts that coursed through my head in the ohhh, about 10 seconds, of silence. Looking at Sir i had that feeling of dread come over me....i KNEW i had just over-stepped my bounds...the fact that the wine had gone to my head was no excuse, in fact, i shouldn't have even drank that much if i knew that was how i was going to react. i had just gone against the training Sir had given me and i thought for sure that i was going to get a major punishment. i was already saying sorry in my head but i think i was in just as much shock as Sir and M were. i couldn't believe that i had just said that myself! Then....M started to laugh and Sir smiled and perhaps it was just my imagination, but i could have sworn there was a look of warning on my Master's face. i am pretty sure that if i had said that in ANY other situation or if Sir wasn't feeling gracious, understanding and forgiving, i would have been punished. As it was, i was feeling a great amount of relief of not being punished, but i did watch what i said the rest of the night. This is why i do not drink and why i plan on not doing so again. Well the tension in the room dissolved and everyone settled back into a relaxed rapport. It was then that Sir decided to let k flog me....another first. Considering how big that thing is i wasn't sure how it would go. k had me put my hands on the back of another couch in the living room and stick my ass out, legs spread (not too much) with my head down. As k was flogging me, the flogger hit my lower back, hips, ass, thighs and one time it somehow wrapped around and hit my cu*t!! Owwww. lol k apologized for that and i took a deep breath and settled back into position. i will say that k was right though, it does have a wonderful thuddy yet stingy effect. After a minute or two, Sir took the flogger from k, told me to present myself and gave me a rather hard flogging. Ohhhh.....i loved it. The sting was rather nice and as always with Sir, i fell into that submissive mindset that only Sir can bring out in me. The connection Sir and i have, the dynamic that we have makes me respond differently to Him, the mindset is different which, i think, effects what is happening. That may not have made sense, so i will try my best to say what k did. she said that when Sir was flogging me, she couldn't see His face but that she could feel the difference with how i responded to Him. The intensity was amped up a little bit and she said that she could see the difference in His stance as He continued to flog me. she could tell that i was focused on Sir and He was focused on me. i think this has to do with what Sir said one time about how we feed off each other but i thought that k seeing the difference in my interaction with her vs my interaction with Sir was pretty cool. As k and i spoke she said that she thought that that was pretty cool as well. At one point and time Sir stopped, pulled me up and asked if i was close (or in, i can't really remember for sure) to subspace and i said yes and even asked Him if i may please go back. lol M and k laughed and Sir responded by pushing me back into position onto the couch and resumed flogging me. For the second time that night, i fell into subspace in front of M and k. When Sir was done, He helped me stand back up and guided me back to the couch that M and k were seated next to. Sir sat down on the couch and i sat back at His feet. Then for a reason i didn't understand at the moment, i started to shake. It wasn't constant or anything, more like my body would tense up every few seconds and i would shake. Sir asked M and k for a blanket and i tried to say that i was fine but Sir wasn't hearing any of that. That was one of those times when i became acutely aware of Sir caring for me and knowing what is best for me. So Sir wrapped me up in the blanket and as i laid my head against His legs, He again started to stroke my hair in that way that automatically calms and centers me. i said something about my shaking was coming from the fact that parts of my body were really warm and Sir said that it probably was also because my endorphins were dropping as well. i didn't know that could happen so i learned something new. lol Overall the night was turning out to be very interesting and fun. It looks like i am headed for a third installment of the evening at M and k's house because another huge first occurred....something do to with a strap-on. Oohh boy, that was interesting but i think i will leave it at that for now though......