Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Intensity: The beginning

It was raining. We woke up and it was raining. Even the weather decided this visit should be different than all the rest. lol i got up and made coffee for Sir and i. When i returned to His room, Sir had me get His pajamas and then instructed me to wear some of His since it was cold inside the house. i love wearing His pjs...almost as much as i love being naked around Him. His pjs smell like Him and they swim on me....we are both in good shape but i am much shorter than He. Well we made our way into the living area where Sir hopped onto the computer and i brought Him His coffee. He scooted back and told me to sit down on the chair between His legs. After i sat down He wrapped a big blanket over our legs and i got to snuggle with Sir. i love that...the feel of His strong body, the warmth He emits, the fact that if He leaned forward enough i could feel His breath against my neck and sometimes His hands would snake around my waist. All of that makes my soft, mushy, very feminine side come out. Well we messed around online for a bit and then Sir decided to get up, we made some breakfast and chatted for a few minutes. i can't honestly say how we ended up in His room.... probably because i remember everything else with such clarity. What i do remember is that Sir had me get undressed and He had me crawl over His lap for a spanking. A tremor of excitement ran through me when He had me crawl up to Him....Sir has this wonderful method of changing where He smacks, varying the strength and speed of His hand on my ass that drives me crazy, but in a wonderful way. He started out a little harder than usual and i found myself having to breath through each one at first. The He started to go even harder....and faster than He usually does. Normally He starts out going pretty soft until my ass is nice and warm before He goes any harder but this time was different. i wasn't completely warmed up just yet and i had to adjust as fast as i could to the unexpected tempo. i remember falling into sub-space and just relaxing with each stroke as though it was a massage. i remember Him spreading my legs (well as far as they could go since Sir was sitting close to the edge of His bed) and i didn't really think anything of it....well i wasn't thinking much at all by that time. lol Sir started rubbing my clit, slowly and gently and i just responded to it. Still half-way in sub-space, i was moving my hips and making little sounds in the back of my throat in response to Sir's hand on and in my cu*t. i raised my hips to help Him have better access and i reveled in what He was doing and oh goodness it felt so good. As i melted against His hand and just let myself grind and moan i became blissfully unaware of anything else. Then Sir stopped and raised me off His lap and left me laying face down on His bed. While i laid there limp and warm i heard Him go to His closet....what He did next surprised me very much. The next thing i felt........ was the slap of the crop hard against my ass.