Thursday, June 7, 2007

Family Ties

This is an entry about last night. Sir and i were on the phone speaking when dallas came online and Sir asked me to do a conference call with all three of us. i was more than happy to do so and so was dallas. As if we would be any other way. lol Well we all sat around chatting when Sir decided to have dallas grab her vibe, put it on low and put it in her cu*t. i was a bit taken a back but quickly recovered. Already my mindset was this is something Sir desired so this is what was going to happen. i must admit, i am of that mindset 99% of the time anyways, but when He catches me off guard, sometimes i have to stop on a dime and pull from my submission to continue forward. So that is what happened. The next thing i knew Sir had dallas grab her other vibe and place it on her clit and i started to hear her softly moan and breath with probably all the sensations she was feeling. i started to feel a little shy, more so when Sir asked what i would do if i was there. i didn't want to lie, i did have an image in my head, but i am shy and anyone who knows me, will tell you so. lol So i had to use my submission to answer the question posed by Sir. As i was answering His question, my submission kicked in and i started to rather enjoy saying what was on my mind. It got dallas a little riled up, and since it is common knowledge between the three of us that i have a little Domme steak in me pertaining to females, i must admit my ego got a little stroked at the same time. lol i have to say that was pretty cool.... i was submitting to Sir, using my submission to do as i was told and i got the added bonus of knowing i helped dallas become a little more aroused. By this time i was also getting aroused, again using my submission to "let go" and enjoy what Sir was having me listen to. i have to say, dallas sounds very sexy when she is aroused. Sir used her and after a short while dallas was asking Sir if His slut may please cum for Him. That was a bit different i must admit. Normally it is me saying that! But i must admit, i heard the pleasure in Sir's tone when He was finished using dallas (for the time being) and that made me smile and it made me very happy. i liked hearing dallas submit to Sir because it was what made Him pleased at the time. i found myself hoping she would not hold anything back, for i know that is what pleases Sir immensely, when nothing is held back. i could hear the smile in His voice when she thanked Him for using her but Sir had other plans. He told her to pull her hood back and place the vibe on her clit. Sir, Himself said that He knew her clit was very sensitive and Sir has done this to me before as well so i know how quickly it can start to hurt. That pushed a button with me...not hard but it was pushed nonetheless. i had no problem hearing dallas in the throws of passion, but hearing her in pain was a different story. Even though it was erotic pain and i myself enjoy it, i think i have a soft spot for hearing others in pain. While He was doing this i had to pull strength from my submission to sit and just listen. i eventually started speaking about buying a new vibe because it was getting hard just to listen to dallas. i would not ask Sir to stop, that is so not my place and i know it. He does everything for a purpose and He is not cruel in my opinion. But i will admit it was hard to do. Perhaps that will also get better in time. That was the first time i had ever heard anything like that so my brain was trying to process everything at once. After Sir was done all of us were talking again for a couple of minutes and i said that i was aroused and i had images in my head. So Sir asked me to share with the rest of the class. lol i giggled, took a deep breath and started speaking. While i was saying what was in my head Sir would give dallas directions from time to time and knowing that she was imagining as i was speaking was very erotic for me. i have never done anything like that before so I guess last night had quite a few firsts for me. lol Sir added a few ideas into the mix from time to time and sure enough dallas was asking Sir once again, if His slut may cum for Him. This time i was more prepared and actually smiled, big, when she asked. Funny how that works out sometimes. When all was said and done all of us chatted some more about possible plans and other various topics until Sir said He needed to go to sleep so dallas and i chatted some more about plans for the future. Now for the deep stuff....that experience used my submission on different levels. Some of it was easy to do and some of it, like when dallas was a bit sensitive with the vibe, was a little more difficult. i had to remind myself that this is what was pleasing Sir at the time and i had to pull from my submission to accept what was happening. i always wish to do whatever pleases Sir but again it was hard for me to listen while dallas was experiencing discomfort..but as Sir has pointed out, dallas' discomfort is not for her to decide. Neither is my own for that matter. How would i react in real life..being put in that situation? i have no idea but i do know that again my submission would be tested, used and through it all, i am certain, strengthened. Sir said that He plans to do this again soon, only with the situation reversed and very possibly use dallas and i both at the same time. Am i nervous about submitting to Sir with dallas listening? No, not at all. Feeling anticipation mixed with some excitement actually. After all, dallas will hopefully be my sister submissive, so there shouldn't be any reason to be nervous, and on an egotistical note, both she and Sir say i sound hot over the phone when i am aroused. How could i be uncertain or nervous after hearing a compliment like that from both of them? When Sir says we should be as a family, this is what i see. We all need to be there, to support, to talk, to help, to build each other up in any way we can and also, to provide a hand to hold should something bad ever happen. How could i doubt that this could be a wonderful thing to happen? Sure my submission will be used in ways it never has been before and it will be tested. But i also know it will grow stronger and more beautiful through new experiences and that is something i am always reaching for.