Friday, June 29, 2007

From cuddles to submission

Well it has been decided...i am going to see Sir in a few weeks....i have not been able to see Him since i got sick. New job and other stuff have made the timing just awful to do so. So it will be almost 3 months since we have seen each other by the time i get down there. Way too much time apart but it can't be helped. Right now i am a mix of emotions. Definitely happy since the plans have now been made but also a little sad since it seems so far away. There are a lot of things that Sir wants to continue on in my training such as water sports and i must admit i am also quite anxious to resume my training in r/t with Sir. Let me get a little emotional on you and also say that lately i have been feeling a bit "cuddly". Now that is a little outside my normal realm of behavior but i suppose i could say i am discovering my softer side once again. i know i misplaced that somewhere! lol That i think would be a rather interesting entry...although i know it would require me to brutally honest about myself..which means i would have to divulge things about myself that i am a little uneasy about admitting. But you never know....i may do that one day. Back on subject...i was speaking with my sister sub dallas the other night and i told her that a big couch, big blanket, good movie and plenty of time to cuddle sounded like heaven to me. she mentioned that chocolate would be in order as well and i agreed with her....yep sounds great. Now that brings a wonderful, peace filled image to mind....dallas and i sitting on Sir's couch (with His permission of course) with one of our heads in His lap, the other's on His shoulder, just sitting there watching a movie.....calm and content, as i think our family should be. Okay can i fast forward the next few weeks? Please?? lol i am going to turn into such a baby....

There are two wonderful things about this upcoming visit that make me very very happy though. 1) i will be staying with Sir for pretty much a whole week and 2) dallas is going to come up for some of that visit was well. The first reason should go without little subbie brain has made plans. lol Although i may have a hard time admitting sexual desires, i seem to have no problem admitting service desires. i am so looking forward to doing my morning ritual every morning, making Sir His breakfast, making sure His house is spotless and clean smelling, having His lunch ready when He comes home on His lunch break and if He wishes to eat at the house for dinner, perhaps preparing dinner with Him. On that note as well, i told Sir that i would love to greet Him when He arrives back at His house in position 6, naked as He desires me to be when visiting Him. He added onto to that, that i will also be wearing the wrist and ankle cuffs the entire day (i am going to love that so much), that i also need to put my heels on by the time He comes home (i don't have to wear them while He is at work) and that my hair and makeup needs to be done by the time He arrives home for lunch.

Now being naked and in cuffs all day i know is going to put and keep me in such a wonderful head space, immersed in my submission to Sir. i will also add in that having cuffs on, while it puts me in that head space, it also is an arousal point with me. When Sir puts those on me i feel confident, empowered, sexy and sensual, relaxed, calm, happy and yet so utterly in my submission. i feel owned....and i love it. As for being presentable for His pleasure, which i can understand, quite frankly i would hate for Him to come home and see His submissive all messy....even if He lets me paint His kitchen (i have been dying to do that) i am sure i am intelligent enough to look at a clock and see i need to prepare His lunch, as well as myself, for when He gets home. Common sense i should think. But i am looking forward to that as well.

dallas coming and visiting as well during my visit with Sir would be so wonderful. A chance for all of us to get together and really be around each other as a family. From an emotional/mental standpoint there is still so much to learn about one another by interaction and discussions. As well as there are some fun activities planned...get your head out of the gutter...i'll get there in a minute. lol i am talking about perhaps a picnic, going and seeing some sites, watching movies...that kind of stuff. Now don't get me wrong i am sure none of us is going to get a whole bunch of sleep. lol There are things that Sir desires to do and a few ideas that He has asked dallas and i about. Not to mention some of the fantasies i have written in my blog.....that is going to be so much fun as well i think. dallas and i both get to submit to and serve Sir at the same time and He has told us both that He has plans to use us at the same time, watch one another receive erotic pain and loads of stuff. So yes, there is also a strong tone of the physical that will be occurring as well. And just for those who are curious, i am looking forward to exploring all of that with Sir and dallas as well.

Over all i think it is going to be a very long few weeks indeed. Sir had asked me to just write a "mini-entry" but i was so excited i started writing and couldn't stop. lol i miss serving and pleasing Sir very much and i am truly looking forward to doing so for a whole week. i will also admit that i miss Him as a person and friend. As for the physical side of things (i am trying to get better at this) i also miss cuddling with Him in bed, i miss getting spanked, i miss the flogger, cane, crop, rope, the harley, nipple torture, being allowed to suck His co*k.....okay pretty much everything. lol i am looking forward to bathing Him and drying Him off, giving Him massages and servicing Him in anyway He should desire. i miss feeling that D/s connection in r/t. i think i miss that the most.....Sir's Dominance isn't loud, but it's presence is strong, captivating, commanding and so very real. i miss my submission being used, stretched and strengthened by Sir in r/t as well. i could probably go on for a while about what i miss but i am sure you get the idea by now. But at least i have something to look forward to...something to focus on. Knowing that the plans are set and made calms some part of me. It is hard to explain but i feel calmer knowing that it won't be too much longer. i think my subbie side started to go a little nuts.....something i am sure Sir understands. This visit is going to be incredible in many ways and pardon me if i write about it once again as the time draws closer. But really, could you blame me?? lol


Sir said...

I am very excited about our next upcoming visit. Having you here for a week will allow us to more deeply explore the dynamic between we share and give you a chance to truly emmerse yourself in your submission to me. When dallas joins us we well finally have the chance to not only explore but cement the dynamic of our poly family in place. Sir