Friday, June 22, 2007

Things to cum

This is a blog entry of Sir's suggestion because soon our poly family will be together in r/l for the first time. Sir was curious as to know what toys (new and old) i would like to experiment with Him and dallas. Sir tells me that i will probably be made to kneel and watch Him give dallas a spanking so i can be around the sights and sounds of dallas receiving erotic pain. i happen to think that spanking is erotic all by itself, so that particular image does cause arousal for me. Sir also asked me to write about some things i would like to experience with Him and dallas as well. Sir gave me permission to let my imagination run wild so if this starts to sound like a script for porn, just sit back, relax and enjoy what goes on in my head at Sir's prodding. lol Let's start with the toys shall we hmm? So many to choose from...where's a subbie to start? How about the....harley. Oh yes, that would be so much fun. i would love to bring her to orgasm with Sir watching. (yes, Sir is in the middle of that brings interesting images to mind but you'll have to wait for part 2 for that..i know..i’m evil lol) Dildos would be very fun although my brain is leaning towards a harness with a dildo attachment. dallas and i could see what it is like from Sir's perspective....i can almost imagine Sir laughing at my awkwardness the first time i try that with His permission...if i ever stop laughing myself. i always get giggly when i try something new, and i think that looking down and seeing a dildo protruding from my groin area might just send me onto the floor in a fit of laughter. Or it could go in the opposite direction and i just may only feel extremely aroused knowing what i am about to do. Never know till you try it right? Being on the receiving end might be a little nerve wracking at first....Sir watching dallas fu*k me with a dildo would be something totally out of my realm, something i have only thought about from time to time. i have a feeling that some of my boundaries will be pushed past in this visit. More on that in part 2. What else...ahh, a double headed dildo. i am sure you probably know how that works but in case you don't allow me to give you a visual. i see that working in two ways. Number one..dallas and i both in pos.8 and Sir slipping just the head of the dildo in each of our cu*ts and telling us to back up towards each other until our asses touch and then holding it while she and i fu*k ourselves on it. The other way would be us laying on our backs, legs spread, possibly tied that way, although i think being able to rub our cu*ts up against each other would be very erotic really. i wonder if any one has invented to double headed vibrator about i am now thinking of the harley with two sides...omg. lol i am getting this wonderful picture of dallas and i on our backs presenting our cu*ts to Sir and rubbing them up and down on the vibe. Total abandonment...the only sounds in the room is mine and dallas' moans and gasps and Sir's voice telling us what to do and asking us what we are. Oh boy. Another item i think would be fun would be a blindfold. Just read "fantasy". dallas had some of her own ideas to share! In her fantasy i was also blindfolded. i think it could be very interesting for both us to be blindfolded, kneeling on Sir's bed, naked with Sir just watching. The only thing we would be able to do is hear each others moans and gasps, feel our bodies rub, slide and grind against each others. The possibility of Sir adding His hands to the mix of everything is enough to make me remind myself i am on restriction. lol Hmm..i could picture dallas and i blindfolded, kissing and running our hands down each others bodies and suddenly we each feel one of Sir's hands at the back of our necks, pulling our hair and faces away from each other. He kisses us both, who first we can't tell and it doesn't matter. His voice deep, commanding and like silk with sexual promise shoots our arousal levels through the roof. The feel of His hands on our bodies effects us both like a drug. we are His, for His pleasure and His use. He moves in between us so His front is facing dallas and His back is facing me. dallas runs her hands over His chest, down His stomach, to His cock and back up. she starts to lightly kiss His body, neck, shoulders, chest while one of her hands reaches down and start to slowly stroke His cock. He growls deep in His throat in arousal and made bold buy His reaction she starts to stroke His cock a bit harder. While facing His back, i start to run my hands up and down His back and lightly rake my fingernails over His ass. i let my breast and nipples lightly caress His back and i ease my body down further so i may gently kiss His ass cheeks while running my hands over His thighs. All dallas and i can do is feel, hear and smell Sir's body. He tell dallas to suck His cock and as she takes Him into her mouth i lay down on my back and ease my self so that my mouth is at Sir's balls. While she pleasures Him in one way, i am doing so in the other. my hands continue to trail up and down Sir's back and ass while Sir grasps dallas' hair and starts to deeply fu*k her throat......well, as you can see blindfolds could be very fun. i think i might elaborate on that fantasy more later, other wise i will never get this done. lol Well i am not sure what could top what i just wrote so i think i will finish part one on that note. Part two will be more about what i think would be fun to experience as a threesome and how outside my normal realm i may be taken and how i feel about it. Will write more soon i promise.


dallas said...

i'm horny.