Wednesday, June 20, 2007

public arousal or can you see my nipples

Ok, as i promised here is entry about the task Sir gave dallas and i yesterday. Here were my instructions. i was not to wear any underwear and i was to have my remote egg in my cu*t from the time i leave my house. i was to go to another "toy" store to look for a bigger butt plug. The only time i was to turn it on is when i left my car to enter the store until i returned to my car after shopping for the new plug. i was to put the speed on low from the time i exit my car until i was actually looking at butt plugs. From the moment i began looking at the plugs i was to turn the vibe to medium until i decided on one. i then was to turn the vibe to high, take the plug to the cashier and buy it. After it had been bought (and i am still in the store) i was allowed turn the vibe back on low until i was once again in my car. After putting on my seat belt, i was to turn the vibe off. When i got home i was then allowed to take out the vibe and write about this task.

This was a little difficult for me in some ways, because i got very aroused and very wet while doing this. i wasn't worried about the noise level of the plug since it is actually pretty quiet but the feelings of arousal became apparent. All of this occurred with the vibe on low. lol i was done for before i even entered the store, and i knew it. When i started to look at the plugs i couldn't do to much since my vibe has two speeds- low/med and high. So i had no choice but to keep the vibe at it's current setting. i think that may have been worse then turning it up because part of me was really wishing i could have. lol i have to be honest. i squatted down from time to time to look at what they had (which wasn't much) and every time my legs would spread and my cu*t would tighten without me thinking about it. Which caused an increase of sensations for a very brief amount of time. Looking at the plugs, my thoughts like yesterday, would drift to Sir and my mind kept falling into the submissive gutter. (i know i have been saying that a lot lately lol) It was really hot out today so i was wearing a tank top that you can't wear a bra with and my nipples got hard in the store. The lady kept looking at me and when i realized why, part of me wanted to turn red and run out of the store. The other part of me, my exhibitionist side which Sir has greatly helped me discover, got a little naughty and i thought "if only you knew what i was thinking about right now" and then i got an image of her looking shocked and i almost laughed out loud. Well i couldn't find a larger plug at this store either, so i didn't get to turn the vibe on high...i told Sir after i bought the new egg vibe i used today, that it felt like an energizer bunny. i can say that it is more powerful than my old one and the vibrations i was feeling with it just on low/med i could feel from my cu*t to my ass. In order to turn the vibe off i had to click the button which sends it to high, so i clicked that button pretty quickly to turn it off. i sat in my car, seat belt buckled and just took a moment to breath. my body was running on high from the stimulation of the vibe and wanted more so i took a moment to calm down. i thought about Sir and focused in on my submission and drew a sense of calmness and strength from it. i took a deep breath, giggled and drove home.

Overall, it was a fun task to do for Sir and i had quite a few different thoughts during the whole time. i would say i used my submission the most at the very end. Being honest, i was tempted to see what the vibe felt like on high and yes i had the urge to move my hips for the second or two i was back in my car and the vibe was still on. But this is where my submission to Sir comes into play. i wasn't able to buy a new plug, so i couldn't turn it on high while i was buying it and i am on restriction and moving my hips while seated in my car (even if only for a second or two) would have been in direct violation of my restriction. So i didn't. Simple as that. lol Still had a lot of fun doing the task Sir gave me though, as always. i also can't help but wonder how dallas did.......


Sir said...

chai, as your daily routine returns to a more typical regiment I will once again be giving you more tasks to do. I would invite your readers to suggest tasks that could be done as long as they keep in mind the parameters I use.... those being your safety, legality and not to interfere with your work. Sir