Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is a blog entry that Sir gave me. As we spoke last night i told Him i wanted to write about something and i did not know what. So Sir threw out a couple of ideas for me. So what i am writing about today is my aggressiveness towards the female gender. As you all know i am very submissive to Sir and shy when it comes to males. But with females there is a different tone within me... one that likes to Dominate to a certain extent. Way back when i was an active bi-sexual i was usually the "top" in the relationship. i suppose this is because i have always been mature for my age and a very strong person in general, and as bad as it sounds to admit this, i viewed most of my girlfriends weaker than me. So i became their protector, the strong logical one. Now let's mix up a bit for you. Ready?? lol Even thought i was the "top" i was always still very much the "bottom" Confused yet? Yes, i was the one who made the decision in the relationship, i was the one who initiated sex 90% of the time, i was the one who they asked to go do stuff. But, every decision i made was with their happiness in mind, not my own. i approached them sexually if i thought that was what they wanted and i usually agreed to go do what ever they wanted to do. Talk about role-reversal! lol they were topping from the bottom and i was bottoming from the top. That's what happens when you have NO idea what you are doing. lol All of this just tells me that i have always been submissive, it just took me quite a few years and Sir's help to completely figure it out. Now, when i write that i have a Domme streak in me, it is now more defined. i, if ever put in that situation, would still wish to ensure Sir's and in this case, dallas' pleasure. That is just who i am and i am rather happy about that. Sir also asked me to write about a situation i could see myself in. Something i would do to dallas, with Sir watching and present. So deep breath....and here goes.
In that situation i would see dallas, blindfolded, kneeling, preferably in Sir's living room, in front of His fire place. In my imagination, the fire is burning...i wouldn't want dallas to get cold...see...i'm nice...really. lol That and a naked girl in front of a roaring fire can't be a bad thing. So i am going to start off from there. In my imagination, dallas is just kneeling there and Sir is sitting comfortably on His couch, just watching. my heart is pounding but i am also aroused. i kneel quietly behind her and slowly run my fingers through her hair, trailing slowly down her back, just to the swell of her ass. i let my hands follow the natural curve of her body, trailing my hands to her knees and slowly back up to her hips. i very gently begin kissing the back of her neck, across her shoulders, as i let my hands languidly start upward. Barely grazing my fingertips up over her upper thighs, to her lower abdomen. her breath quickens and her nipples begin to grow hard. Sir leans back and settles further into His couch, His eyes taking in every movement i make and dallas' chest as her breath quickens. i meet His gaze and He gives me a small smile in approval. i start to run my fingertips further up her stomach where i come to the bottom of her breasts. i have my fingers follow the underside curve up to the top of her breasts where my fingers run down her breasts to her nipples. my fingers part so i do not touch her nipples, and instead just circle them. she starts to arch her back for more contact and i gently pull her hair to keep her in place. she starts to softly moan as i continue my slow gentle assault on her body. Gently nipping on her neck from times to time as i sometimes pull her hair or run my hands down her body. Finally my hands lands on her breasts again, only this time i run my fingertips over her nipples which are already sensitive and hard. i roll her nipples in my fingers and gently pull on them. dallas' moans get louder and hips start to gently rock. Sir, who has been watching intently leans forward and gets that look in His eye. He stands up and kneels in front of dallas and puts one hand on each of her knees. He then slowly spreads her legs and while looking into my eyes, takes my hand and places it on her cu*t. "Do a check for me." He says. my heart rate soars as i do as i am told. "9 Sir" i whisper. "Rub her clit in slow circles" He instructs. i swallow deeply and have the urge to giggle but again i do as i am told. my arousal probably matches dallas' by this time and the intensity of the moment runs through me. As i put a finger on each side of her clit and begin to rub it as i was told, dallas moans louder. Sir put one of His hands behind her head and pulls her hair a bit rougher than i did and asks her "What are you?" she replies in a breathless whisper, "i am Your slut Sir." He pulls a bit and harder and whispers into her ear "Good girl." He looks at me over her shoulder and while my hand keeps moving the rest of me freezes. The look in His eyes is hard and intense. With His other hand He grabs me too by the hair and pulls me to meet Him at dallas' shoulder and kisses me a bit roughly. dallas' hears this and lets out a breathless moan. Sir releases me and tells me "faster." i rub dallas' clit faster and her moans get a little louder. While i am still rolling and pulling on her nipple and rubbing her clit, Sir grabs her by the neck and too, kisses her roughly. He then takes off her blindfold and tells me to kneel in front of her. she and i are now both naked, kneeling in front of each other and Sir goes and sits in His "big chair" so He is facing our profiles. He asks me "What would you like to do chai?" i think, and then answer, "i would like to kiss her Sir." He waits a few moments and then replies, "How do you ask?" my head lowers out of sudden shyness and out not asking properly in the first place. i say to Him "i am sorry for not asking properly the first time Sir. may i please have permission to kiss her Sir?" He replies "Good girl and yes, you may have permission." "Thank You Sir." i reply back. i lean forward to dallas' and our lips meet. Slow and hesitant at first and then with increasing pressure. i have the urge to hold her face and run my finger through her hair, but i do not move for i do not have permission. i sense the same thing from dallas and as Sir watches, He sees our increasing restlessness. He allows us to explore each others lips, tongues and mouths at our own pace and when we part He asks "What do you say?" dallas replies, "Thank You Sir for giving chai permission to kiss me." my reply is similar. "Thank You Sir for giving me permission to kiss dallas." Sir smiles and once again says "Good girls." He looks at us for a second and then rather suddenly commands us to stand up. "Both of you....go to the foot of my bed and kneel in pos.6 "Yes Sir." we reply and move without hesitation. What will happen in His room we do not know. All we know is this, we are His, for His pleasure and His use and we couldn't be happier.

Well there it is with every little fantasy i have, i just have to bring Sir right into the middle of it. lol This was supposed to be what i would do to dallas with Sir watching but my brain fell into the submissive gutter and i couldn't get my brain off of Sir. So i just went with it but i like it. This was very arousing to write and now i am very horny. lol Deep you probably do not know i am on restriction, meaning i cannot masturbate unless Sir is using me or He gives me express permission. i actually rather like that really. But as with some entries, i will leave it at that and if Sir gives His permission, perhaps write an entry about that as well sometime. Hmmm, i really should stop re-reading As you can tell, there is a very strong tone of Sir's Dominance over both of us in this and i rather think that that is how it should be. i hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. Is there a sequel in the works? Not yet but you never know.....


Sir said...

Once again you out did yourself... that is incredibly erotic and very very real! As a reward for doing such a good job, I will have you re-enact this fantasy with dallas when the 3 of us next meet. Sir

dallas said...

oh my! i'm throbbing right now after reading that, oh goodness, chai, you certainly know how to have a fantasy, and thank You Sir for having her write that!