Monday, June 4, 2007

Dinner at Sir's Part 1

This past weekend, Sir decided to host a dinner party for some of His lifestyle friends. Here are the list of guests. Master G and His slave l, Master C and His two slaves, slave j and slave c and k. All of you know her as Mistress K, but in this situation she was just k. Master G is a good friends of Sir's and had been in the lifestyle for many years. His slave, l, has been His slave for a few years herself. she is 24 and a college graduate, very nice and funny. Master C is a friend of Master G. This was the first time i had heard of Him and met Him but He as well was very nice and had a wonderful sense of humor. His two slaves, j and c are very different from each other but both great people. j is someone i would describe as funny, "real" and down to earth. c is just way cute. lol she is such a sweet person, also very funny (i am noticing a trend here lol) energetic and by her own admission, someone who likes to clean. So i can say i got along with everyone that came and it was wonderful getting to meet everyone. Now that i have given you a short description of each person, i will tell you what happened.

Sir and i spent a good portion of the day running around, grocery shopping, picking up miscellaneous items and doing a general pick-up around His house and setting things up. i have to admit i had a great time helping Him set things up and getting things ready. He decided on lasagna for dinner and apple and pumpkin pie for dessert. Before everyone got there i hopped into the shower and cleaned up. Sir had me wear my white short skirt, black low-cut top and my black platform sandals. Sir wore black pants and a gray top. OK, i have to put this down. As Sir was walking around getting dressed, there was a period of time when all He was wearing was His black pants. This is the first time i had ever seen Sir wearing black and i must admit Sir is very hot when He is only wearing pants and black looks very, very good on Him. i couldn't help but stare from time to time and Sir said that it was okay that i was looking. lol Sometimes i really am so shy. Anyways, after Sir and i had finished getting ready, we checked on everything to make sure everything was how He wanted it and took a couple of minutes to relax as we waited for everyone to show up.

The first people that arrived was Master G and slave l, and Master C and slave j and slave c. i noticed a car circling around the area Sir lives and i told Him about it. So Sir went outside to check and sure enough, it was that group. They told Him that they had a hard time finding his house and that they were happy to see Him. i followed Sir outside and stood quietly while He said hello to Master C and slaves j and c. Sir introduced me and i told Master C and His slaves i was happy to meet them. Sir and i led them inside while Master G and slave l got out of the car and followed us inside. After everyone was inside Sir introduced me to Master G. i will admit i was very nervous to meet Him. Sir told me that Master G had a definite air of Dominance and He was correct. However i will also gladly say that when i looked into Master G's eyes, i also saw happiness and kindness within them. So i felt a little better...i did not know what to expect and was happy i had made no assumptions. i also got introduced to slave l who was someone i had been looking forward to meeting for quite some time. Everyone rid themselves of their coats and pretty much filtered into Sir's kitchen. Master G at that time complimented the collar Sir gave me and asked me where i had gotten it. i took His question rather literally and looked at Him with wide eyes and said quite seriously "Sir." lol So Master G looked at Sir who tried to remember exactly which web site He had picked it out from. i then really noticed all of us subbie/slaves collars and took a moment to really look at each one. Here in this blog, i will be using the term subbie/slaves (s/s) quite often. If anyone is wondering why i am separating the two, please feel free to read "slave thoughts" and you will see that, for me, there is a difference between the two. Since i have not yet asked Sir for His permission to become His slave, i still feel the need to distinguish the two.

Sir led Master G and Master C out to His backyard to His koi pond and all of us s/s followed Them. Everyone enjoyed looking at the fish, especially since Sir's fish will come right up to your fingers if they think you have food. After a few minutes Sir told me to go inside to start the garlic bread and all of s/s headed inside. However, when i got to the door i couldn't turn the handle and we (s/s) thought that the door somehow became locked. i turned to tell Sir and when i turned around, i got the answer to a rather funny question. How many subs does it take to open a locked door? Only one to crawl through the doggie door and open the door from the inside. lol slave c, i kid you not, crawled through the doggie door...i told you she was cute, but i think i should add the word inventive here as well. Well apparently the door wasn't locked, just the handle stuck. Either way all of us s/s got inside and broke up making garlic bread into steps. i set up the oven and got the bread out, slave l cut the bread, slave c buttered it and slave j put the garlic seasoning on it and put the bread into the pan. That is teamwork at it's finest. All of us were talking among ourselves and i had a blast. That was the first time i had ever been around other s/s. There was a definite air of camaraderie between all of us,which was something i think i miss already. i loved being able to serve Sir around others, kneel at His feet and pretty much do what i love doing and everyone not only respect my choice, but understand why i had made it.

Sir, Master G and Master C came inside and we were all chatting when i heard someone knock on the door. Sir and i were also expecting Sir M and k so i asked Sir for permission to answer the door. When i opened the door, there stood k. Sir M was not with her and it turns out that unfortunately Sir M was feeling a bit under weather so He couldn't come. i said hi to k and gave her a big hug hello. i will say here, that yes, i have discovered that i am sexually attracted to k. Who could blame me though? lol i told her that tonight i was not to address her as Mistress K and she was perfectly fine with that. So we linked arms and i led her into the kitchen where Sir gave her a hug as well and introduced her to the rest of the group. All of us stood around chatting some more, Sir poured some of the wine Master G had brought and i must have been very engrossed in the garlic bread to make sure it didn't burn, because i can't really remember when everyone went into Sir's living room. slave l stayed with me in the kitchen and i got a chance to speak with her privately. i got to ask some questions that had been on my mind and asked her about when she became a slave and the difficulties about having a D/s relationship long-distance. However, her and Master G made it work wonderfully, so i felt a little bolstered from speaking with her. she also offered to speak to me anytime and it is an offer i told her i would take her up on and thank you.

When she and i went into the living room, i must admit i loved what i saw. Going clockwise, Sir was sitting in His big chair, k was sitting on the floor near the window, slave l sat at her Master G's feet in between Him and k. Master G was sitting on the couch and next to Him was slave j. Next to slave j was Master C and on the floor at His feet sat slave c. i couldn't help but smile as i took my place at Sir's feet. Just sitting there in that situation, i felt at "home". You know, where everything just feels right, like it's supposed to? Sir was telling a story from His career working with lion and tigers and everyone was paying strict attention. He has some very enthralling stories from back then. i couldn't help but look up at Him while He was speaking and i know i was smiling. Master G caught my eye as i lowered my head one time and He gave me smile that made me want to blush.It was almost like He just knew what i was feeling and strongly approved. i needed to go check on the lasagna, and unfortunately i did not ask permission to leave the room to do so. Sir gave me a "Look" for that one, but i must sadly admit i did not notice. This is not the first time i have left the room without permission. i am starting to notice that if i have food in the oven, my brain leaves me. i should really work on that. Well i went and got the lasagna out to let it set and went back to into the living room and back to Sir's feet. i must admit that i got as close to Sir's feet as possible and sat there as Sir, Master G and Master C exchanged stories. There was one story that Master C told that almost had me on the floor (even more than i already was) with fact i think almost everyone was rolling. k and i exchanged a couple of looks while everyone was laughing, just smiles really. After about 10 or 15 minutes, i told Sir that dinner was ready to be served, He nodded His head and all of Them spoke for a few minutes more. Sir then mentioned that dinner was ready and we all went into the kitchen. Sir, Master G and Master C immediately sat down. Sir invited k and slave l to sit down at the table while slave j, slave c and i served dinner. slave j would hand me a plate, i would serve up the lasagna, hand it to slave c and she would serve someone. More with the teamwork, you have to love it. After everyone was served, i made a plate for myself and sat at Sir's feet. Yes i was the only one not sitting at the table. This was something that not only Sir and i discussed before hand, it was something i volunteered to do and quite happily i might add.

Part 2 coming soon i promise!